Hobby Complex 06 Tokyo


The latest Hobby Complex was recently held at the Tokyo Big Sight, and the Internet has since seen a deluge of of photos taken of the countless PVC figures and garage kits displayed.

Shown here is a collection of the most appealing and/or interesting  photos I’ve yet seen online.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 20, 2010 11:15

    i'd like that Miku bracelet. the Auska cosplay & Lucy figures are pretty nice, but the Francesca figure is rather disappointing though... More

  • metatron commented on December 23, 2008 14:52

    some garage kits are pretty impressive ^^... More

Hobby Complex 05 Kobe 2008


The latest Hobby Complex brings to light various upcoming figures; there are many of interest, so figure fans will definitely want to take a look.

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  • Shabby commented on November 2, 2008 22:25

    LOLz~ at last pic. XDDD;... More

  • Dullahan8 commented on October 28, 2008 22:14

    I never want to see that particular page again. I only got as far as the OP and then I closed it. The actors were just...too...... More

Hobby Complex 04 Osaka Digest

Hobby Complex 04 Osaka Digest - image from snowcolors.web.fc2.com

Some almost exhaustively comprehensive coverage of Hobby Complex 04 Osaka is provided by several diligent sites. Garage kits are dominant, and the coverage nicely includes figures in various stages of painting and finish. Without intending any disrespect to the participants, it’s also nice to see some of the works which are perhaps more enthusiastic than they are accomplished.

Why bother going when you can see coverage this good?

  • w334b00 commented on December 22, 2010 16:50

    :O... More


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