Street Fighter IV uses Actual Loli for Sakura Role


Street Fighter IV’s token loli schoolgirl marketing aid, Sakura Kazugano, has received a 3D cosplay incarnation (as opposed to the usual polygonal one) for use in marketing materials, and it is none other than actual loli talent 高田光莉 / Hikari Takada, but 12 years of age.

The resemblance and cosplay are good, and Hikari herself is certainly sure to appeal to fans, lolicon or no:

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  • Anonymous commented on January 22, 2010 05:28

    Very nice!! Looks believable. Now if only people would use Mary (the mother of jesus) as a loli instead of a 20+ year old women for Christmas. Girls gave birth at the age of... More

  • BloodThirstyNogitsune commented on December 21, 2009 22:55

    uh-oh CAPCOM is digging themselves one hell of grave now! those damn anti-lolis are gonna be out to get'em I'm sure. a shame though, the game Street Fighter IV looks really interesting... More


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