Top 13 Anime Vampires


When it comes to vampires, it seems even moe-ravaged anime fans have impeccable taste – anime fans quizzed on who they consider the best vampire characters deliver a surprisingly tasteful ranking.

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  • Skoll commented on July 22, 2011 09:25

    No vampires, just shiny, sparkly homosexual golems.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 15, 2011 18:00

    alucard is number one so all is right. still a bit too much moe for my tastes though.... More

Hellsing Ends


Vampiric carnage manga par excellence Hellsing has finally drawn to a close, with the final chapter having just been published in the November issue of Young King Ours.

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  • Shanyy commented on March 16, 2009 07:42

    We share te same opinion, notaname. The music of the OVA was pretty good, but the TV's OST was simply superior. The OVA's graphics was just like the manga's - ergo awesome. Also I hope the manga... More

  • haruthebum commented on October 9, 2008 11:44

    if only they could mix the two, the music in ultimate is so bad I honestly considered muting it and turning on some deathklock instead.... More

Hellsing Goes To Madhouse


Coming from Rondo Robe 2008 is the news that the next instalment in the Hellsing OVA, Hellsing V, is set to be produced by Madhouse (Trigun, Claymore, Lodoss, Texhnolyze, and dozens of other great titles), with heretofore OVA producer Satelight having lost the rights (Macross, Geneshaft, and not much else); whether this is due to some humdrum commercial reason or sheer incompetence is not revealed. In such hands there would appear to be little worry of the series going downhill.

2ch seems to have little respect for Satelight, but the same goes for Madhouse too (“Made in Korea”), so nothing but the usual ravings there then. Via Playlog.

  • Geerie commented on February 20, 2009 10:24

    awesome i love madhouse and hellsing im glad to see they put it in good hands. but honestly what does 2ch like? seriously anything that isnt something they can rape or molest is hated.... More


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