Greenpeace Attacker Harpooned by Fishermen



A Greenpeace member was “harpooned” by fishermen after the group began to attack their nets.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 22, 2010 06:29

    So what, his army and generals were still french. A single man does not win a war.... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 26, 2010 07:16

    the shockwave would have killed the tuna.... More

Greenpeace Thieves After All?

"Greenpeace" and "Green Peas" are homophones in Japanese so maybe that explains why they aren't taken as seriously in Japan?

The Greenpeace activists cum burglars who stole whale meat from a shipping company in an earlier publicity stunt have just had arrest warrants served on them, we hear. Aomori police intend to arrest two people involved on the morrow, on suspicion of theft. Of course they are innocent until proven guilty, but Japanese arrests usually result in conviction. Via TBS.

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  • Azure Xuchilbara commented on May 11, 2010 05:42

    Fool...So is the rest of the world... Food is food...Whether we lie about it is up to the country allowing it... Everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet, and a group/organization have a couple of... More

  • billy commented on June 29, 2009 05:01

    i dispize PEAT, and an skeptical of greenpeace but the facts are the facts! the japanese are illegally havesting whales for commercail sale under the pretext of science! u kno their lieing! its soo stupid!... More

Greenpeace Burgles Shipping Company for Whale Meat

Greenpeace Burgles Shipping Company for Whale Meat

Greenpeace’s claims to not support criminal direct action seem to be wearing thin with the news that they stole (“took away without permission”) a box containing 23 kilos of whale meat from a shipping company’s warehouse. Apparently, the meat was, along with 47 other boxes, earmarked for delivery to the homes of crew members of the “research” vessel Nisshin Maru, after their return to port for a break from their strenuous scientific endeavours in the Antarctic.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 15, 2010 17:16

    With all the hate against whale meat and reading about sea shepperd, im starting to get an urge to try it out. Find out what its really all about. Though having to travel... More

  • hurr commented on July 13, 2009 16:03

    the whales wont be missed. the earth hasnt torn itself apart since all the other species disappeared. who cares?... More


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