Fist of the North Star: Raoh’s Tale


As we heard, the latest instalment in the titanic (literally in the case of the main characters) Fist of the North Star franchise is 北斗の拳 天の覇王ラオウ外伝 / Hokuto no Ken – Ten no Haou – Raou Gaiden, a story eschewing usual protagonist Kenshiro in favour of telling the tale of Raoh’s rise to power.

Or more accurately, it tales the tale of another man who makes heads explode and knocks down buildings with his fists.

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  • Demonboy commented on December 24, 2010 17:16

    Good ol' Hokuto no Ken. Always puts a smile on my face. And a fist in your ass.... More

  • Raymond Otaku Ting commented on April 5, 2009 20:44

    bestiality raep?... More


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