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An anon was kind enough to introduce me to the superb 3D CG artist whose works we saw when looking at the state of 3D Haruhi games; going by the name of 北仙 / Hokusen, with his site/circle called “Feel Myself”, he possesses notable skill in rendering anime characters in 3D, and his works are well worth a look, both for their artistic merits, and as a sign of things to come.

You’ll also notice he has a singular predilection for creating interesting Haruhi images…

I have placed these fine images on the Channel, where he now has a tag; please feel free to help tagging them.

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  • Halconnen commented on January 15, 2009 12:45

    Aplleseed 2004 was pretty bad at 'making 3D animation in anime style look good' as far as I was concerned back then. D:... More

  • CiborgYuri commented on January 4, 2009 07:12

    Great artist, great work... More


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