Kanokon Mouse Oppad


Kanokon continues its penchant for delivering extremes with this ravine like mouse mat, with a set of oppai reproduced in unusual detail, as you can plainly see. No word on if we will get the corresponding flat chested mouse pad or not… Due late October.

What next erotically charged material the show will deliver you will soon see, for information on the latest DVD is already at hand…

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    이ㄱ... More

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    try HLJ or 1999.co.jp... More

Mariaholic – Yuri Maid Convent Anime Due


Something of an intriguing premise underlies this latest manga adaptation: まりあ†ほりっく / Mariaholic, by lady mangaka 遠藤海成 / Endou Minari, centres around the oppression of a cross-dressing boy attempting to duplicitously fit himself into life in a convent school by disguising himself as a pupil, whilst surrounded by young ladies of the sort of tastes typical in exclusively female Catholic schools. Also, it has sadistic maids, and probably nuns.

If you’re not familiar with the work, a chapter is reproduced below.

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    ..god bless straight traps...!!... More

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    the person with a maid... More

To Love-ru: Nipples Gained


Once again, it seems the latest compilation version of the To Love-ru manga, volume 10, has received the upgrades in ecchiness which are largely being denied the DVD edition, strangely enough. A number of mistakes and omissions seem also to have been dealt with.

Plenty of fans have seen fit to compare the magazine published version with the compilation edition, so the differences are readily apparent:

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    LOL fail arm!!... More

To Love-Ru DVD vs TV Ero-Analysis


To Love-Ru recently had its first DVD release, which means some scrutiny is in order. However, this awkwardly titled anime does not seem inclined to walk the same path as that most determined of ero-anime Kanokon, at least at this stage. The comparison screens speak for themselves:

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    Dangit am I going to end up needing to download the DVD version too just like KnJ and Strike Witches?... More

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    WOW !!!... More

Kanokon DVD 2 Crosses the Line: Ero Extravaganza


As if the last DVD didn’t have enough in the way of ecchiness, with the release of Kanokon DVD 2 the producers have truly excelled themselves, providing an anime which now boldly crosses the line…

A most entertaining development, and one I’m sure you will be interested to analyse in detail. See the below screens for details on just how far over the line, and just how boldly.

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  • savantique commented on February 23, 2010 06:24

    Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have no qualms whatsoever with erotic material but I sorely have to agree with you here. Heh, been reading a bunch of articles over the past couple of... More

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    3 cheers for the loli wolf goodness <3 ^~^... More

To Love-Ru Bondage Anime?


Spotting the huge flurry of screenshot activity, I couldn’t help but notice To Love-Ru has received an interesting addition in the form of some near kinbaku rope action in episode 13. Given some of the recent DVD enhancements we’ve been seeing I can’t help but wonder how such scenes will fair in transition? Examples below.

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    i have to go watch it too... they never tell you this stuff in normal reviews -.- bastars trying to keep the good bits to themselves.... More

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    yea and she's a Tsundere too :p... More

Kanokon Ero DVD Comparison & Gratuitous Screens


As has been explained, the DVD release of Kanokon has had a massive ero upgrade, and is now borderline H anime. A host of uncensored analysis of just how much of an ero-anime it has become is now available, and is collected below for your convenience and elucidation, in enormous detail. There is even some animation to drive the point home.

All that is lacking are details on what was included with the apparently even more ecchi LE DVD.

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  • tyciol commented on December 12, 2009 12:26

    Wow... first time seeing this... so... see if I knew this was coming I might have delayed getting the TV releases... but I guess it's good to have both right?... More

  • MaimeDaifuku commented on January 19, 2009 19:35

    you mean Hanaukyo Maid?... More

Kanokon DVD – Eroanime Transformation Complete?


Ero comedy Kanokon has seemingly completed its transformation into a complete erotic anime with the release of the first erotically upgraded DVD edition: now nothing is left to the imagination, and as you can see from the earlier gallery, it was hardly tame to begin with; no wonder it was so popular with elementary schoolers. The Limited Edition release apparently includes even more steamy extras in excess of the normal release.

Poor Juno can’t show them uncensored, but rest assured the DVD is not subject to this restraint. Via the lovely NekoAreBlog – some more shots there.

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    except to airport customs...... More

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    Kanokon LE DVD GET! Also, to stuntman, no, it was never and WILL never be a bad thing ^^... More

No 1. Anime for Japanese Grade Schoolers is Ero Comedy


Japanese elementary schoolers are not just precocious in their love of eroge (2.5% of them at any rate); now it seems their tastes also range to erotic love comedy, as it has been revealed that the most popular program amongst them is none other than Kanokon.

Kanokon features enough nudity, sexual innuendo and erotic hijinks to set any American parent’s group frothing at the mouth, documented below for your information. Production committee member Media Factory says they would rate it R18, but then passes the buck saying ratings are for the distributor to decide.

I am sure I am not alone in envying these Japanese elementary schoolers; 95% game console ownership and sexy comics and cartoons, truly fate smiles upon them. From J-Cast News, introduced to me here. Read the rest of this entry »

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    elementary school... More

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    its just awwwwriiiiggghhttt /trollface... More


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