Eri Takenashi’s Tearful Gratitude for Fan Devotion


Kannagi mangaka Eri Takenashi, struck down by a mysterious illness and forced to stop publication amid a huge online fracas, has finally updated her site, Takenashi Note, some six months since its last update.

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  • suzacu commented on April 24, 2009 17:03

    Thanks for your reply. I understand exactly what you mean. It's not really unusual for famous people not to reveal the names of serious diseases they've got, especially politicians and mangaka, because it might affect their... More

  • halotoo commented on April 24, 2009 14:22

    Good news to hear she is getting well, now let hope berserk mangaka get well from his not so mysterious illness and continue his work soon. ... More

Eri Takenashi Recovers From Surgery, Kannagi to Resume


ComicREX have made the following announcement, which should ease the hearts of all those concerned over Kannagi mangaka Eri Takenashi’s grievous health problems, as well as the fate of Kannagi:

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  • Anonymous commented on October 26, 2009 21:05

    He's a socially inept loser? Sure he's not some popular shojo genre stud of a male lead or anything but he seems pretty normal to me. As long you don't have anything that's female falling... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 9, 2009 12:36

    want to see more Nagi, happy that's she's on the road to recovery. and really, it's a 2d character. IF you really want to get at it she's also been alive for how long? a beings carnal... More

Kannagi Mangaka Eri Takenashi Critically Ill


The health of Kannagi mangaka Eri Takenashi is apparently in exceedingly dire straits, with possible consequences far graver than an indefinite hiatus for her popular manga.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 29, 2010 10:55

    I wonder if there will be a story about Kanagi otaku being killed for this.... More

  • Toiski commented on December 14, 2008 03:23

    What's with the "if" anyway? In Japanese, al lot of the time it's indistinguishable from "when", as far as I know. "mada genki ni nattara" for exaple, could mean either, right? Of course it's possible... More

Kannagi Cessation “No Connection at All” with Otaku Excess


In news which may come as a relief to Kannagi fans, though which still leaves open the unhappy issues of what ails Kannagi mangaka Eri Takenashi and whether the official explanation is accurate, the editorial staff of ComicREX have explicitly denied that the hysterical otaku reaction to the issue of Nagi’s virginity had anything to do with the manga indefinitely ceasing publication.

Their denial is strongly worded, but fails to provide any details:

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  • Reboot commented on April 23, 2009 18:26

    STOP WHINING AND KEEP ON WRITING, BITCH!!! [Just kidding...]... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 23, 2009 09:54

    nononono,it's pornographic readings. Obviously.... More

Kannagi Ceases Publication: Otaku Blamed


In a shocking and unexpected development, crazy shrine maiden manga Kannagi has ceased publication indefinitely. Fingers have instantly been pointed at the recent extreme actions of otaku “fans”.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 30, 2010 08:40

    'Virgins and non-virgins? Does it really matter? It's a fucking character in a rather interesting series. It is not real. ' It only matters as much as any fictional story matters. Hamyuts Meseta is a fictional non-virgin. Her... More

  • I love U commented on November 28, 2009 20:24

    damn those fcking ohtakuns... if dun like it juz dun see it... ... More


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