Queen’s Blade yuri battler Echidna is receiving a new ero-figure rendition by A+ in poly-resin and striking a suitably sexy pose, made even more so by the fact that her underwear consists mostly of snakes, and all of it can be removed. She will be released in August 2011:

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  • Anonymous commented on July 12, 2011 22:43

    Only if yours is short and tiny. Sorry.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 5, 2011 01:57

    Rollin a cig now after viewing that, would you like one as well?... More

Bouncing Queen’s Blade Echidna Figure


Previously available only as a garage kit, this rather animatedly posed Echidna polystone figure is now made by Q-Six and will be released in September 2011.

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  • TyChan (Is a Girl) commented on June 14, 2011 00:51

    This is all kinds of sexy >.<... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 13, 2011 07:14

    love this, but NEEDS MORE TAN =(... More

Queen’s Blade Hentai Raep Busty Ero-Busts


The usual Queen’s Blade speciality of enormous oppai gaily almost breaking free of clothing, whilst the owner is subjected to humiliating combat stripping, is explored in this set of figures, in “bust” format, covering three of the bustier characters.

They cast off quite thoroughly, as you can see in part below:

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  • Anonymous commented on July 28, 2010 10:49

    Where the hell is Cattleya?!?!?!... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 6, 2009 11:20

    these look really good. Particularly because the mouths have depth.... More


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