Cosplay kickboxer Yuichiro Nagashima has recently earned notoriety for his crossdressing kickboxing antics, but it appears a new challenger has emerged: DJ.taiki, introduced as the “Destruction Butler”, appeared cosplaying the eponymous Hayate, of Hayate no Gotoku.

Unlike Yuichiro, he is a mixed martial artist rather than a pure kickboxer.

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  • Svinto commented on March 24, 2009 00:11

    Does it exist an official fighting sport with Tag Team battles? Just curious.... More

  • Otanon commented on March 20, 2009 02:14

    I hope he's not just doing the cosplay-kickboxing to steal some limelight. But a battle between the two of them would be cute. No, rather, them as a tag team! Tag teams in boxing?... More


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