Incest Inaka Dialect Moe Eroge: “Inaka de Shiyou! 2”


A novel, and rather entertaining and well executed doujin eroge which may be of interest has just had its demo version released; 田舎でシよう!2 博多編 / Inaka de Shiyou! 2 Hakata-ben Version (Let’s do it in the country!) is based on the novel (if we ignore the fact that it is a sequel) premise of “hougen moe”, that is to say “dialect moe”.

In this case the dialect spoken by the young ladies (actually the protagonist’s little sisters…) is Hakata-ben, a folksy (to Tokyo Japanese at least) variant spoken in part of Fukuoka (Kyushu). The game is fully voiced, and the subtitles are in standard Japanese, so it is rather interesting to listen to, and easily understood from the subtitles (even native Japanese have much difficulty with these kind of dialects).

The art does not disappoint either, as you can see below.

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