Codemasters Hacked


Codemasters have reported the personal details of “tens of thousands” of users, including the usual identity theft essentials of names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and passwords, but not payment details, have been made off with by hackers who penetrated one of its servers. It appears it took them a whole week to notice.

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  • kintama00 commented on June 12, 2011 23:52

    the world will end when they hack blizzard :o... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 12, 2011 21:26

    LMAO I was talking to my brother the other day joking around about how Microsoft is the hacking group since they seem to have just kinda waddled off somewhere being quiet. Microhax... More

Publisher: “Selling Unfinished Games Will Defeat Piracy”


The CEO of Codemasters has been caught saying that he thinks selling “unfinished” games to customers is a much more effective strategy than investing in DRM.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 21, 2013 00:21

    Pirating DLCs is not much of a problem. If you can pirate the game- you can pirate DLCs as well.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 8, 2011 06:46

    There are a surprising amount of people who actually don't have internet or don't want to connect their consoles online. So these people are just getting the shaft then?... More


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