Kanokon Rimming Action


The sixth volume of shonen manga Kanokon looks set to exceed even the ero-anime; as you can see above,  Chizuru seems to be offering some delicious cake to her shota.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 12, 2012 06:16

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  • Anonymous commented on March 12, 2012 06:16

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Kanokon Ero-Calendar for Kids


With the retail festivities of Christmas close at hand, this means little children everywhere a clamouring for their favourite character merchandise.

What better choice than a tastefully erotic Kanokon calendar, allowing those tender of years to track the passage of 2009 by way of a steady progression of Chizuru’s thighs?

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  • Anonymous commented on November 29, 2014 21:42

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  • dasd commented on July 29, 2009 10:37

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My First Nude Filter – Kanokon’s Chizuru


As we’ve been seeing so many nude filter images of late, we may as well balance out all that mature content with something for a younger audience.

A fitting starter nude filter would be children’s ero-anime Kanokon‘s heroine and shota predator Chizuru Minamoto, so here she is, in all her rather mountainous glory:

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  • d commented on July 29, 2009 09:00

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  • unico commented on December 3, 2008 13:09

    the filter is alright but i am going to pick at it. 1) psp a nose please OTL i am begging. 2) her left breast, the one up top. makes sense when she has on a bra, because the breast... More

Chizuru Kanokon Ero-Sheets & Towel


The huge selection of ero-goods associated with junior oppai anime Kanokon continues to grow; here we see some of the latest, in the form of bed sheets and a towel. The sheets, above, are in the region of ¥10,000, a price perhaps explained by their generous size (140cm by 210cm).

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  • takuya13 commented on December 16, 2008 01:23

    lol~ i didnt notice it till i read ur comment XD... More

  • unico commented on November 15, 2008 07:28

    were are their freakin noses?!... More

Chizuru Ero Figure


Shota raep anime Kanokon’s busty predator Chizuru has received this rather enticing figure incarnation, which, naturally enough, is capable of casting off much of her none too concealing outerwear, although strangely it seems to be one of the few times Chizuru refrains from gratuitously stripping off completely.

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  • Artefact commented on October 24, 2008 12:42

    Amusing the lengths poor Danny had to go to avoid showing this (he mentioned it of course)... What were they thinking?... More

  • ipood commented on October 24, 2008 05:07

    Yeah the shirt can cast off, but they were stupid enough not to include a pair of arms that don't have the shirt sleeves. What's the point then?... More

Kanokon Ero-Book


Children’s ero-anime Kanokon has received an erotic adjunct in the form of a book (or “mook”) packed with saucy illustrations of the same sort which pack the anime, as well as plenty of other information likely of great interest to followers of Chizuru’s oppai and chocolate pantsu alike. You can get a very good idea of what all this involves below.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 11, 2010 10:56

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