Luscious Leviathan Ero-Figure


One of the sinfully sexy devils of the currently airing Sin Nanatsu no Taizai has gotten another seductive figurine from Hobby Japan, with the voluptuous Leviathan getting the opportunity to unveil her nude frame to buyers when she makes her way to the human world in November.

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  • ILLUSIONMAGIC commented on April 26, 2017 04:11

    I have the original, i've been trying to meticulously compare both that one as this one and honestly the only differences I can note are: - base - more "tame" back-hair - white gleam on her fringe Is... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 19:45

    Considering I have the original and the recolour in this exact pose already, I can safely say you're a fucking retard.... More

Raunchy Rias Gremory Bikini Ero-Figure


Red-haired maiden Rias Gremory of the scandalously sexy Highschool DxD series has slipped into another skimpy outfit, this time covering her lewd body with a bikini and sure to be a perfect addition to any ero-figure collection – the sultry Rias Gremory will arrive in April.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 25, 2017 02:21

    no u?... More

  • XxLolimasterxX commented on March 22, 2017 06:31

    I preffer a Koneko or Akeno edition :c... More

Seductive Akane Indo Tiny Bikini Ero-Figure


Based on the sensuous illustration penned by Homare, this ero-figure attempts to depict Akane Indo’s supreme sexiness by dressing her in a skimpy bikini – Akane Indo can be bought in bulk by otaku when she arrives in July.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 21, 2017 20:06

    She looks great, nice breasts and ass. And her tongue. I bet she's a great licker.... More

  • Manuel commented on March 21, 2017 08:16

    Looks pretty good, but I think the tongue and eyes need a little work.... More

Berry Sexy Yuuna Mitarai Ero-Figure


Saucy eroge Starless has brought attention to figure manufacturer Daiki Kougyo, as they have created a figure of the voluptuous Yuuna Mitarai amongst an assortment of juicy berries, no doubt building the appetite of collectors in more ways than one – buyers can sink their teeth into Yuuna Mitarai this May.

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  • SugoiMan commented on March 11, 2017 01:40

    pig scene... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 10, 2017 09:38

    I love!... More

Delightful Demoness Maya Suma Ero-Figure


Ero-manga Issho ni Shiyo has earned the favor of Dragon Toy as they have manufactured a buxom ero-figure of Maya Suma, whose extravagant sex appeal and delightful demoness charm can infatuate buyers with her June arrival.

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  • Manuel commented on March 9, 2017 03:25

    Very very good, that you can take her clothes off makes it superb.... More


Renowned illustrator Gunma Kisaragi has gotten a figure for Kyoka Tsuzuki (a heroine from one of his ero-manga), bound to easily secure not only attention but profits from the ero-loving community – Kyoka Tsuzuki and her tan iteration will make their arrival in April.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 21, 2017 10:36

    At least the nipples didn't get censored.... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 21, 2017 02:02

    it's a sad sad day when even Figurines get censored... More

Knightly Celia Cumani Ero-Figure


Formidable female fighter Celia Cumani of Walkure Romanze has refused to become a damsel in distress by donning some protective armor, with the figure also allowing her to fully remove this restrictive armor to distract male opponents – Celia Cumani can make her way into collections this June.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 13, 2017 15:59

    Yea, the anime was awsome.... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 12, 2017 23:19

    Wished they make more episodes. They have been milking the shit out of this anime figure at least 10 times now. Really want more series and story development.... More

Undressed Akari Miyakuni Ero-Figure


The frilly undergarments of Akari Miyakuni from Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki have been scandalously exposed, with this Wave figure sure to acquire rave reviews from those who revel in collecting naughtier goods – Akari Miyakuni can potentially satiate the hoarding lusts of collectors in June.

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Ayako Hiiragi Bikini Armor Figure


Naughty horse-riding series Walkure Romanze has shown off their staple combination of bikinis and armor with this sexy new figure, which will likely do little in fending off lust-filled predators that are bound to swarm the buxom Ayako Hiiragi – buyers can test the effectiveness of Ayako’s bikini armor come July.

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  • loplop commented on December 22, 2016 05:16

    The eroge came out long before the series did. It was made Ricotta, the same company that did the Princess Lover eroge.... More

  • bigbadwolf69 commented on December 22, 2016 02:10

    The eroge original at the PC was full SEX!... More

Sexy Swing Girl Mai Ero-Figure


Mabel and Lechery have combined their ecchi powers to produce an original ero-figure of outstanding sexiness, depicting the enchanting “Mai” (along with her colossal assets) standing atop a swing in nothing but her underwear and surely catching onlookers in a trance – Mai can be inspected more closely come March.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 9, 2016 15:11

    Silly girl, that's not how you ride a swing!... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 9, 2016 01:40


Sexy Ayaka Futaba Schoolgirl Ero-Figure


Ero-manga maiden Ayaka Futaba of Issho ni Shiyo has acquainted figure collectors with her lewdness by way of this Skytube ero-figure, perfect for sad otaku who wish to eradicate their high school memories – said goals can potentially be achieved once Ayaka descends in May.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 6, 2016 20:05

    She even have breast implants. Remember, she used to be flat.... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 6, 2016 20:03

    Haha...... More

Sexy Sumi Nekomimi Mizugi Ero-Figure


Popular eroge Monobeno has apparently garnered the interest of figure manufacturers Milestone and Queen Ted, as cat-girl cutie Sumi has been bestowed a glorious ero-figurine depicting her in a pure white bikini and fluffy nekomimi – which can come into the possession of cat-girl lovers next March.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 4, 2016 09:28

    This can be first thing of this sort i will buy. But i have a question. Will not be written outside what is inside the box!?... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 2, 2016 09:10

    I fucking want this... More

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