Akiba Pirate DVDs?

Akiba Pirate DVDs, by Akibablog

This is surprising considering how het up the police in Akiba are over street performances and the like now – pirate, uncensored and overseas edition DVDs being sold bold as brass from a normal retail location? Not for long, I’d wager. Interesting to see how long they last; usually these kind of shops have to be far more discrete and be ready to disappear rapidly. Akibablog reveals all. But 3000¥ for a pirate DVD? Exorbitant.

  • Anonymous commented on October 21, 2010 03:08

    in the internet, we download for free.... More

  • rebolledo2kx commented on November 22, 2009 13:21

    In mexico you can get a pirate dvd by 10 - 30 mexican pesos (68 - 204¥ aprox.)... More


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