Batman Ninja Movie “A Weeb’s Wet Dream”




The emergence of a Japanese-produced Batman movie entitled Batman Ninja has been amassing attention online as the series revolves around Batman and his colleagues being transported to Japan’s Sengoku period (subjecting even the mighty superhero to the overused isekai genre), perfect for those who believed the series needed more Japanese inspiration.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 7, 2017 18:15

    Why? Cuz you'll cry racist?... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 7, 2017 18:15

    "stupidy" anime fan confirmed?... More

Harley Quinn Cosplay by Miyuko Colorfully Crazy


Korean cosplay extraordinaire Miyuko has paid tribute to a western franchise for once, taking on the guise of the maniacal Harley Quinn‘s Suicide Squad iteration – with possibly the only complaint being the Joker’s unfortunate absence.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 23, 2017 03:43

    with her as Harley, I would not mind being Mr. J.... More

  • YotaruVegeta commented on April 12, 2016 23:38

    Yeah, because that's what comic books are going for: realism!... More

Studio FOW Short Totally Tentacular




Studio FOW have unleashed another luscious short, this time subjecting the heinous Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to some tentacle-based justice, bound to cause the trouble-making girls to give up their life of crime and possibly pursue a more perverted line of work.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 5, 2016 04:49

    :D... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 21, 2016 08:33

    is censored here in sankaku only.... More


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