Seiyuu Recording Videos


This rather interesting compilation video shows various seiyuu, especially tsundere queen Rie Kugimiya, recording their roles, often showing them together with the actual anime. The results are rather interesting, particularly when dealing with such high level seiyuu…

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  • Anonymous commented on October 25, 2014 09:20

    What The Fack... More

  • Sandalphon commented on April 9, 2010 08:08

    Some of the very best voice acting the west has to offer can be seen here: Granted, they're outtakes from a game's recording [Legacy of Kain Defiance], still the talent is there for all to see.... More

Starving Seiyuu Poor as Church Mice: 80% Work Part-time


Seiyuu throughout the land are so hard pressed to find work that the vast majority can only subsist with the aid of additional employment, according to an industry insider.

The insider is しろがねしょおむ / Shomu Shirogane, the director of agency Winner Entertainment.

He has this to say about the business of voice acting:

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  • kenshinflyer commented on May 15, 2011 00:12

    That could be part of the reason.... More

  • kenshinflyer commented on May 15, 2011 00:11

    Well, lucky for seiiyu like Midorikawa Hikaru--he has debuted his skills formally to a worldwide audience already. But, then again, Japanese-themed foreign films come quite rarely nowadays.... More

Cutter Idol Admits to Mutilation


A gravure idol, 有沢ゆい / Yui Arisawa, is the latest in a string of admissions about show business types engaged in self harming, typically wrist cutting.

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  • XxLolimasterxX commented on December 8, 2015 02:56

    Somehowthe more we see to the facts we can strongly notice how in the upcoming years people are more and more mindly weakened and cannot deal with stress. Maybe the Gods of Olympus are right..We... More

  • XxLolimasterxX commented on December 8, 2015 02:54

    Confusing! Confusing what is reeeeeeal! Man...Good times..... More


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