100,000 Hits

100,000 Hits

Sankaku Complex once again reaches a traditional landmark in a site’s history; 100,000 hits, according to Google Analytics (actual figure is higher, but this is all arbitrary anyway).

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  • NeroSonic commented on February 19, 2010 21:01

    That's great! Sankuku Complex is an interesting site about Japanese culture revolving around it's visual anime art. It also has unrestricted expression of thoughts since none of the media is unrestricted on the site whatsoever.... More

  • G4tsu commented on February 5, 2010 07:41

    The million must be really close by now ;D... More

10,000 Hits

一万祝 - Sankaku Complex Reaches Initial Milestone

Sankaku Complex has reached what seems to be taken as one of the traditional first landmarks in a site’s history – 10,000 hits, according to Google Analytics, having been reached from the site going live some 24 days ago.

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  • Artefact commented on June 4, 2008 13:11

    Thank you for your encouraging words. On the game front, I will definitely be providing more reviews, but at the moment I am limited by what is coming out and what I manage to finish (only... More

  • AnimeRookie commented on June 4, 2008 07:16

    This may come late, but from a former fan of anime from the 80's (Mecha & sentai shows rock), who's now in the midst of rediscovering his love for the art & industry of what... More


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