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Sankaku Complex Feed Exchange


Looking to increase exposure of your site? You are assuredly not alone, so let us explore ways of making this possible. Our first proposition is a feed exchange.

This is intended to be a flexible arrangement, but the basic pattern is that your feed will be placed into rotation on Sankaku Complex’s sidebar, being selected randomly from a pool of other participants, and visible across the entire site, currently receiving a rather healthy and growing number of daily page views, with many tens of thousands of daily unique visitors.

Since the point is to share users, and introduce them to content on our respective sites, you can be assured that we intend to maximise exposure of these feeds as far as possible, so displaying a generous number of them above the fold (visible without scrolling the page) is a priority.

In exchange, all we ask is that you to reciprocally place a Sankaku Complex feed with a similarly prominent position on your site (i.e. an above the fold sidebar position, with a reasonable number of items). Other details should be flexible, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Regarding who can participate, probably by taking an interest and being kind enough to read this you have self selected yourself as eligible, though we ask at the minimum that you have an established or actively updated site, or one with a respectable amount of content. It should also be obvious that introducing users to content of a dubious quality is something we would rather refrain from doing.

It should also be pointed out that you needn’t strictly be a blog or news site to participate – you are welcome to provide a random feed to (for example) galleries, threads, individual categories, or even selected content.

If you are interested, would like to discuss a similar matter, have any queries or otherwise, by all means strike up a conversation.