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  • G: “Noo I’m not~! Wish I’d have thought of it earlier. But I should have shown you a picture of the cold and mangled body. The look on your face would have been priceless. But that’s ok. I could see the damage is […]

  • S: “I said to shut the hell up!” *BANG*
    G: “What you don’t even have the balls to kill me? I’m dieing soon enough anyway. And I plan on taking a bunch of these parasites with me. I told Yu Fan to take care of a […]

  • G: “Yeah, well let me tell you somethin. Ever since you started workin with Mithril and playin school boy, you’ve been worthless. And once those snakes got their coils around you, you became boring and lifeless. […]

  • FMA coming back! How they gonna do it without the ultimate villain Gauron though!?
    G: “What a pitiful look on your face. Are you really actually worried or torn up over something? What happened to that killer […]

  • No full anime season please. It probably wont go well as everyone will be expecting most of the sht to happen in 1 form or another. If they really do make a full season, they have quite a high bar to hit. If it is […]

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