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  • akherousin said:
    can it run photoshop and rosetta stone and skype and chrome with 12 tabs running and deluge and mail and microsoft office all at once with no speed reduction

    Seeing an Applefag thinking that a Windows laptop at least 30% cheaper than MacBook Pro can’t do all that AND THEN SOME…. I haven’t facepalmed this hard since…[Read more]

  • palmtop-tiger said:
    Beach episode next?

    But Toya mass one shotting everyone started to get boring. I mean I know you're OP but let the other guys do a bit of fighting.

    Too late, man. The series has basically established itself as a prominent example of the ‘ore-tuee'(俺TUEEEE)sub-genre of light novels taken to the extreme, and not…[Read more]

  • I fear that my PC gaming days will soon come to an end. Increasing taxes, dwindling exchange rates, and bitcoin miners driving GPU prices to an all time high… seems like the perfect storm that will force me out of this hobby.

    But I guess… it will be OK. No RPG – with the W or J suffix – can ever top Witcher 3 anyway(probably not even CDPR…[Read more]

  • Kakegurui's story structure is predictable, but the comebacks are filled with Crowning Moments of Awesome. It's like typical Tamil movies where the good guys always… ALWAYS get to trashtalk the bad guys in the end.

    I didn't really like Mary Saotome in the anime, but this page is really powerful.

  • palmtop-tiger said:

    I don't remember, did they actually shoot them? He could have just given them unloaded guns. But I agree with you, he should have shown them gun safety.

    And it turns out whenever he makes something everyone else wants one too. He should be weary before he becomes a one man factory. But on the other hand he could probly…

    [Read more]

  • palmtop-tiger said:

    So ‘weeb’ is the new ‘nigga’?

  • I'm all for modern guns in fantasy setting, but…

    I can't help but feeling terribly awkward at the sight of a couple of preteen girls given firearms and going giggidy about them like they're some kind of toys. Even with rubber bullets, inappropriate handling of guns can cause death or permanent disfiguration. Touya didn't even bother teaching…[Read more]

  • jamesownsall posted on the forum topic The Political Thread 2 months ago

    Char said:
    Found this in my Twitter feed.
    I say it's a pretty accurate description.

    But but but…

    Autism and shit

  • jamesownsall posted on the forum topic Any artists?? 2 months ago

    With the explosion of Patreon and similar sites, there’s also been an explosion of porn artists across all spectrums. And with increasing amount of artists, prices also dropped(especially when paid in bulk) per comission.

    These days I’m more content paying someone else to visualize my characters.

    When I do want to try drawing anatomically…[Read more]

  • I was one of those people who were hyped for Nier Automata.

    The opening part was awesome, sure. The excitement dies soon after though. Sidequests feel tacked on.

    I think Witcher 3 really ruined my tastes in RPGs. I’ve been slowly weaning off JRPGs in particular since FFXIII came out, but after Witcher 3, every JRPG I have on…[Read more]

  • “Had we not done anything… Had our politicians gone to the beach and enjoyed the sun, we would be in a lot better position than we are right now.”

    Something tells me the oil moguls and the devils in the megabanks will have him killed before he can do anything. Gotta say I respect him for still…[Read more]

  • Michael Moore said voting Trump would be “the greatest ‘fuck you’ ever recorded in human history”.

    …Pretty sure a lot of people know Trump’s faults, but rather than to bend over and choose the system-approved but ultimately homicidal and sociopathic Hilary because Trump seemed like an overwhelming idiot, the American people said exactly that…[Read more]

  • I'm a grown-ass man, but I get panic attacks playing this game. Those fucking heartbeats…!!!

  • Recently I bought a used laptop for paperwork and surfing on the go. It’s some cheap 2010 i3 350M powered NEC VersaPro that somebody in Japan threw away, which a local retailer tried to scam me for 30% more than its current market worth. Of course I had to take out my l33t PC knowledge like the nerd that I am, in combination with a pinch of…[Read more]

  • kudichan said:
    so it's official

    piracy is possible on the vita


    …Unfortunately for them, I’m not buying a Vita regardless. The only time I reconsidered that was when Yomawari was released, because I craved a horror game that’s not Outcast…[Read more]

  • I thought there will never be any anime or manga that can match my character Zack/Jane in suffering; basically repeatedly getting disappointed and driven to the ultimate form of despair.

    Well, Re:zero is pretty much it. If I release my story now, people will accuse me of trying to copy Re:zero, so I lost my chance.

    On the other hand, it…[Read more]

  • jamesownsall posted on the forum topic Any artists?? 1 year, 3 months ago

    <blockquote><cite>mascarpone said:</cite>
    James, do you think you can draw Rem next pls?


  • jamesownsall posted on the forum topic Any artists?? 1 year, 3 months ago

    I hadn't drawn anything in a long time and have lost so much, I can look back at some of my shitty drawings and actually think they're 'good'.

    Because being Natsuki Subaru is suffering.

  • This thread sure has come a long way…

    The me from 5 years ago couldn't have predicted the shit I had to go through until now.

    Even 'Jane' has changed. Been on GTX 970 since Maxwell came out, and Asus Xonar DSX for to satisfy my mild audiophile tendencies(ignorance is bliss. once you have a discreet SPU, you'll never use on-board SPU anymore).…[Read more]

  • I haven’t paid attention much to world politics lately as it was one of my primary sources of depression, but then I found this video.

    1:11:39, that guy wasn’t asking a question. He was trying to assert that Chomsky said something he didn’t say. Later on, the fucker got owned but kept repeating…[Read more]

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