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Parody video makes K-On fans really mad

  1. Been reading Sankaku and the forums for a long time but didn't see this mentioned anywhere so I figured I'd make an account to make all of you, who aren't already, aware of a minor piece of drama unfolding on YouTube.

    A relatively innocent, if rather silly, parody video posted on YouTube has apparently made quite a few Japanese otaku quite enraged after it was linked on a Japanese blog (link)

    Reading through the comments, even without understanding Japanese, gives you a real sense that some people need to take a deep breath.


    deleat this video bitch!! your video is fuck nonesense"

    Then again, there are some (arguably) nicer comments as well.



    It is only a K-ON believer that makes noise.

    Japanese OTAKU these days has decreased the quality .......

    Edit: Oops, seems I messed up some formatting. Not used to these forums, sorry.

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  • Uh, you don't visit Nico very often do you?
    There's tons of similar stuff. I don't think fans really care, including myself.

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  • I've seen it, I can only conclude that someone a troll at 4chan must have made it to stir those at 2chan.

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  • Awesome! Please tell me they made a whole episode like this.

    And to fix the formatting, just remove the html tags from the Youtube link.

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  • they mad?

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  • mad?...MAD, get it?

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    Bleep owns. His videos are the greatest.

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