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Family Project (Kazoku Keikaku) Censored

  1. If you've been looking forward to getting Family Project from JAST USA, you might want to reconsider:

    We fansubbed the Kazoku Keikaku (Family Project) opening over six years ago. Some of the translations seem iffy in context today, but NNL was young and had not set down its current localization stance. JAST USA released Family Project over the weekend at Otakon.

    So JAST USA made the claim that the game is "fully uncensored [18+]." Wrong! While most of the game is indeed uncensored, they photoshopped several images of Matsuri, the youngest girl. The following pics have nudity. See the before and after right here!

    1. Before and after! (Another 2 similar images censored this way)
    2. Before and after! (Again, another 2 similar images censored this way)

    UPDATE: We missed one more!
    3. Before and after! (This one really doesn't make sense. She's wearing two bras! Also, you eventually do see her breasts here, so there's no excuse for this one!)

    It's the principle that matters. We wouldn't have complained if there was full disclosure, and we would have still plunked down $50 CAD for the game. Now we simply feel burned and ripped off. JAST USA already announced that all girls were 18 or over. Why did they have to censor these images? Whatever the case, there is no evidence of anyone being informed of this, so what we have here is a flat-out lie.

    Boo, JAST USA! Boo! Makes you wonder how they'll handle the Nitro+ titles. Send them your complaints, and maybe they'll include the uncensored images in their upcoming patch!


    Can we get Artefact to put this on the front page, please?

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote
  2. grgpsunk said:

    Can we get Artefact to put this on the front page, please?

    It's worth a shot. Seems like they're scared by the eroge-banning/censoring tsunami started over in Japan.

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote
  3. When will this nonsense ever end...what is there to see that we haven't seen before?

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote
  4. The translations seem abit off too. over 9000 is certainly not in the original game. Although I can't read moon alot of things made me raise an eye brow. Like why would a Japanese guy interpret a girl saying "nin zao" as ninja. Or the expression "it's raining cats and dogs" when apparently it is not used in Japan.I don't buy games from JAST to have their interpretations of the game enforced upon me. The artists created the game as they saw fit and it's not JAST's place to screw about with it. Either translate it properly or not at all. I also don't want their shitty jokes. I swear JAST is screwing with me.

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote

    I think your idea of what makes an effective translation is quite unworkable - translating word for word from Japanese is completely impossible, and good narrative will differ between the two languages. Of course, the point you make about "over 9000" is quite valid...

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  6. Avatar Image

    my rage is over 9000!

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  7. Avatar Image

    Actually, I like the image edits after seeing the before and after.

    I'd rather see panties than a blurred out Vagina.

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote
  8. Finished!

    Here's the fully complete decensor patch, until JAST release their script edits.

    It's been fun I'll probably be toying around with xchange3 and mayclub starting next weekend.


    Posted 8 years ago # Quote
  9. jdcakes said:

    Thanks! Have been waiting for this.
    Could you inform us about the other things you guys discussed? I think there was something about a few lines in the games being changed, too?
    I saw your post on another forum, but I don't want to read 125434 pages for the info I seek.^^

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote
  10. Blaring 100% uncensored into the world and then blatanty censor is fraud. Someone should sue the lying bastards that are Jast USA, especially Peter Pain-in-the-ass...

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote
  11. Is that uncensor patch the one with the mosaic, or the one with the mosaic shopped out?

    Is it possible if we could get someone to put up the news of this uncensor patch on the front page? That would also be a good way to get some feedback in finding potential bugs/glitches, too.

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote
  12. grgpsunk said:

    It's the one that removes the lingerie a loli character is wearing due to censorship, meaning it will make: loli with lingerie -> loli with mosaic.

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote
  13. Actually the current version (v3.0) I linked to above replaces the censored CG with shopped CG a poster on hongfire was kind enough to send me so no lingerie no mosaic.

    If you prefer the mosaics (which some people do) you can get them by looking for version 2.1 which has the most current script edits but comes in a shop version and a mosaic version.

    The script edits made are in the 4 cases where the deleted panties/lingerie are mentioned. Also the over 9000 line is replaced with a translation given to me by a /jp/er.

    Posted 8 years ago # Quote


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