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Contributors Sought


Sankaku Complex is always interested in offering a greater breadth and depth of coverage. Since there is a limit to what any given individual can publish in the time available, this necessitates drawing contributions from a wider selection of  writers.

The core elements of becoming an effective contributor seem to be as follows:

Writing Ability

Writing lucidly in an engaging and insightful manner, and being capable of both effectively imparting information and of writing in a witty and entertaining manner, are essential. Needless to say, great care and attention to detail are also required, as our intent is always to provide the best possible quality at all times.

Japanese Ability

Sankaku Complex has always provided original coverage predominately stemming from Japanese language sources. As such, Japanese proficiency is essential for reporting on most areas.

Sphere Knowledge

Sankaku Complex strives to offer a broad, balanced selection of content with something to appeal to everyone. There is thus scope for some specialism, and there are ample areas into which one could effectively specialise.

As such, having an encyclopaedic knowledge of a topic you may not write much about is not necessary (though knowing the extent of your own ignorance is always helpful), though versatility, and even perhaps a willingness to write effectively about topics not of primary personal interest, is always desirable.

The actual content which appears on Sankaku Complex is selected in response to what proves popular, so an eye for the story, an understanding of the audience, and an aptitude for appropriately presenting news and other information are all very useful.

Aside from the requirement of actually presenting content which is of interest to site users, contributors can exercise much discretion in what they publish. There is always a wealth of material fit for publication, so assistance can also be provided here.

To these we could add all manner of additional qualities it is useful to have, for example an eye for tasteful artwork or photography, or technical ability with the platforms involved (this is easily picked up though). These are more readily acquirable than the three criteria listed though, so they need not be given the same level of importance.

The immediate rewards of being published on a leading site such as this are many; recognition and enjoyment not least among them. There should also be the possibility of various special opportunities relating to reviews and similar, and more developments in future.

Should you consider yourself suitable, or have questions, please get in touch.

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