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Netflix Giving Ghost in the Shell the 3D CG Treatment

Netflix’s “NXonNetflix” Twitter account has confirmed that Netflix will have some involvement in the previously announced upcoming Ghost in the Shell 3D CG anime, which has some well-known production staff on board.

The tentatively titled “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” will be directed by Appleseed’s Shinji Aramaki and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’s Kenji Kamiyama with a planned released in 2020.

The 3D CG project will be handled by studios Production I.G. and Sola Digital Arts:

Fans will no doubt be overjoyed to know that Kusanagi will not be retaining her highly despised “Arise” form:

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  • No, Netflix doesn’t have nothing with the production in this new series, neither have funded it, it’s produced by Production I.G and Sola Digital Arts, even the credits say that.

    What Netflix do is being a distributor, like every live shows, anime, real series, and maybe the only exception is Death Note live action, a real production by Netflix.

    From an interview:
    例えば『B: The Beginning』は20カ国語の字幕翻訳と5カ国語の吹き替え翻訳が提供されていますが、そういう多言語展開の費用はアニメの制作費とは別にアイジーが負担しています。


    (包括的業務提携の契約では)多言語展開を全部Netflix Japanさんがやってくれる。それによって、面白いクリエイターがいて作りたいものがあればやれる、ということになる。アニメ制作会社のパートナーとして(Netflixは)どんどん参加しやすいっていうことなんです。

    Rough translation by Google:

    For example, “B: The Beginning” provides 20 languages subtitle translations and 5 languages dubbed translations, but the cost of such multilingual development is borne by Aizie apart from animation production costs.

    When contracting with the Netflix headquarters, the animation production company had to pay for the dubbed version and subtitle version. This includes hurdles, hurdles go up.

    Netflix Japan will do all multilingual deployment (in a comprehensive business alliance contract). It means that there will be interesting creators and what they want to make is what they can do. As a partner of an animation production company (Netflix) it is easy to participate more and more.

    Instead blaming Netflix for shitty series or live actions (no defending Netflix), you all should blame the japaneses.

      • Castlevania and Devilman were both great, as was Ajin and Knights of Sidonia.

        They have Production I.G, Aramaki and Kamiyama onboard. Pretty hard to fuck it up with those 3 working on something.

      • This article is nothing but supportive… And nobody said Netflix make the anime – that’s why it says which studios ARE. Basic comprehension. As you said: the people who come here love to hate things.

        • There are a difference between studio and producer, producer is who own the IP and put the budget, studio is who make the animation, and everyone asume that Netflix is the producer. Saying which studio are doesn’t mean nothing.

      • Sankaku in general just loves to spew click-bait and artificial attempts at controversy. It panders to the alienated and easily triggered to the same degree that Kotaku and Polygon cater to SJWs. Exact same shit but opposite sides of the coin. I’ve kept this website in my main bookmarks hotbar for nearly a decade now, but I really should find somewhere better to get this kind of feed. It does get tiring having to filter all the bullshit out of the actual news. I used to link people here when the site had some standout story on something. These days I’m honestly embarrassed to consider linking it even to fellow degenerates.

        • I knew by the time I was done reading the article there would be people trying to pull the, “you’re just like the people you’re upset by,” routine while ignoring that everyone including the writer got the details right.

          You are demonstratably applying the false dichotomy fallacy by assuming that a group of people has its equal and opposite. It just so happens that you’re on a site that points out what SJWs do, and unfortunately Netflix caters to SJWs (look up who owns the majority stock and what the content of Netlix Originals tend to be), so it makes people worried when they see Netflix involved in anything, in any way. Did you seriously not stop to think, that as soon as SJWs stop having any influence, people will stop complaining about them?

          What good does it do to complain about people, that complain about a group of people, that actively influence the development of people’s creative works so it aligns with their politics? Take your head out of the sand. In the near decade you claim to have been coming to this site, you seriously didn’t have the foresight or insight to realize SJWs were affecting what you’re interested in? Maybe by coincidence the problems with SJWs are escalating that even this site feels the need to talk about them? You couldn’t even make it that far.

          Instead, you are upset that people are warning you over people actively perverting the stuff you’re interested in. It’s actually quite infantile to attempt to shame people for pointing this out when you’re making an embarrassing display of ignoring aforementioned details, applying a logical fallacy that people outgrow by first grade, and possessing so little insight that you’re at least aware that you’re a degenerate. It might offend you to realize that maybe other degenerates might want to be informed if SJWs are affecting what they like. Or do those degenerates cease being “fellow” degenerates once they voice concerns over SJWs?


    Tell me who I have to kill to stop this!
    GITS fans have been tortured with an obnoxions live action film, but they keep torturing them with an obnoxious CGI anime.

    CGI Anime = CRAP

  • Yes, they are bringing back SAC and the original director of that series. From the look of the year 2045, it seems that would place it 10 years after SAC. I can’t wait as this was the series that got me into Anime.

  • My only concerns, will it be the original motoko or a retcon with yet another personality? Alice (“Arise”) was definitely crap, but I blame its historic backstory – this motoko was a standalone doll.