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YouTube Rewind 2018 Dedicated to Drag Queens, Empowered Women & Refugees

YouTube’s 2018 edition of their annual “YouTube Rewind” has turned out to be a disappointment to the millions trapped on the platform, boasting a dislike ratio far more exceptional than the diverse C-tier ecelebs featured, all capped off by Will Smith as a final reminder that the platform would love to replace even them with advertiser-sanitary Hollywood regulars and so no longer have to play host to problematic amounts of wrongthink.

Many complained about how the video was mostly filled to the brim with “nobodies” instead of their favorite non-left leaning YouTubers; another issue however was the video bringing up topics such as “mental health”, “drag queens”, “women finding their voices”, “working moms” and “refugees” – all things that have absolutely no relevance to YouTube.

The horribly received YouTube Rewind 2018:

YouTube Rewind 2018’s astronomical amount of dislikes:

This wasn’t the first time that YouTube Rewind was utterly despised:

Only some of the depressed watchers venting their frustrations:

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