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Steam Bans Cross Love For “Child Exploitation”

Yet another visual novel with anime-style designs has been banned from Steam for supposedly “exploiting children”, this time affecting Top Hat Studio’s “Cross Love” despite the fact that the game does not possess characters under the age of eighteen.

News of the banning came from developer Top Hat Studios, who received an email stating his game had been banned from release for “child exploitation”:

The cross-dressing homosexual title revolves around a schoolboy named Yuu who dresses in his sister’s clothing and earns the adoration of other males at school, predictably leading to sex scenes – the depiction of school students (even those of legal age) seemingly being “no good” to Steam.

Other recent titles banned for ludicrous reasons include “The Key to Home”, despite having no pornographic content whatsoever and “Imolicious” which also has characters eighteen and older yet was still banned from release.

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