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New Mortal Kombat 11 Screenshots Brutal as Ever

Announced during this year’s The Game Awards, the next iteration of NetherRealm Studios’ legendary fighter Mortal Kombat 11 got a slew of high-quality screenshots and an action-packed trailer.

The Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios, Ed Boon has confirmed the newest installment to the gory fighting game franchise will feature a “Custom Character Variation System”, allowing players to personalize their fighters with seemingly infinite options.

Not much else is currently known about the game beyond a recently announced live stream showcase set for January of next year as well as a closed beta for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March.

The pre-rendered official announcement trailer featuring a bloody battle between two of the franchise’s most popular characters Scorpion and Raiden:

The ever brutal Mortal Kombat 11 will be released worldwide on the 23rd of April, 2019 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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  • So disgusting. Of course there is no censorship because violence and brutality is cool and acknowledged by the US society. Meanwhile harmless games like Senran Kagura or some visual novels are censored because anime girls are very, very dangerous and a threat for the society.

    • well sadly we live in a society where

      Bloody brutal violence, cutting each others head off = perfectly fine and accepted
      Anything sexy and/or anime related = nope, protect the children this is too lewd !!

      I think the problem why the sexy anime girls get censored is pretty much because “omg they’re just 2d drawn girls, what weirdos are that who find that sexy, only the japanese idiots like that”
      They are seen as a threat to the normal society….who dont accept anything other than 3d

    • This only shows who is agressor here. SJWs and feminazis are. They have no imagination, so their rotten brains are insensitive for sick unjustified realistic violence, but sensitive for perfect imaginated sexual waifus. I hope for mods for this game with Hillary Clinton head for womans and for example this Andrew Tate kickboxer faggot (fighter -100% fit) as males. SJWs and feminazis will kill each other – then extreeme violence in justified.

    • Yeah. Take RDR2 for example you can kill people, rob people, all kind of shitty things but the moment you punch a feminist in the game all hell breaks loose. I’m sure they gonna let this one free pass without any censorship like they always did. While anime-style games always either get censored or banned even the game that got T-rated like The Key To Home. At this point I kinda lost count just how many got hit.

      Sony already hit at least 15 games, the new one are, DOAEX3:Scarlet, Senran Kagura 7even and Haruoto Alice Gram.

      Steam at least 9 games, the new ones that got banned are Hello, goodbye and Niplheim’s Hunter with the same excuses “exploit children” bullshit.

    • Very much this ^^^

      Rap and hip hop is not music, it’s a culture for sub-humans. If we disregard hip hop creators and people involved in this industry, I don’t know a single successful person who is a fan of hip hop, while I know plenty of successful people who are fans of other music genres.

      That tells something, no?

      • I know you probably won’t read this because it’s too long but if you do.. Props. I know I will get down-voted for my unpopular opinion just as you got up-voted for your popular opinion so whatever… anyway. You people may not like rap, but it actually takes a lot of skill to formulate a complex multi-syllabic rhyme scheme where you not only rhyme words but the individual syllables to make something that has impact, makes sense and has a message. I am talking about proper rap. Not this new age mumble rap/trap shit where you get on the mic with a dick in your mouth and pretend to say words.

        You can’t take your personal opinion, apply it to the 1 percent of the population that you know as a whole and project it to a worldwide audience as fact. It just doesn’t work that way. There are plenty of successful people out there who listen to rap music just as there are people who listen to jazz, classical, swing, dance, techno, and every other genre of music on this planet. Whether you believe it or not.

        See I am one of those “successful” people who listens to rap music, but I am a fan of ALL music. From classical to death metal and everything in between. I listen to just about anything and everything with a few exceptions. Depends on what my ears find aesthetically pleasing at the time. Every genre has good and bad music.

        That being said, The rap song they made for this trailer is absolute garbage. It doesn’t fit the fight at all and it sounds like a retard on a heroin binge who’s one needle away from an aneurysm. The rapper they chose for this is fucking terrible and I would hazard to even call him a rapper. His biggest claim to fame was getting shot and not dying because his cookie cutter music fucking sucks. Sadly though there are too many people out there that think this is what hip-hop and rap as a whole is and it’s not. There’s so much more too it.

      • It’s not that successful people don’t listen to hip hop; it’s the mainstream hip hop genre that targets the lesser educated that can relate to primal desires like ‘getting money and fucking bitches’. There’s plenty of intellectuals that decided on creating their own rap labels, they just aren’t as well known.

        The song in this video is shit.

        • No, new age mainstream hip hop targets club-goers. The party people who get drunk and act like retards in front of people they don’t know on the off chance they will bag a one hitter quitter to feel better about themselves.

  • The logic of brutality is as fucked up as it should be. I only have one question about this trailer: Why the “rap”? Someone should edit the trailer and change “rap” to the old “Mortal Kombat” theme.

  • the last one flop! female look like gay men! demon female look like gay black men ! this game flop again if there no pretty female this time. demon female should look sexy too. am serious! if you play the game you know. Not alway the gore win the gamers.

  • B-B-But what about the evil colored people? What about a gay furry’s opinions on Republicans?! Talking about anime and games as if this site was originally devised for those two things in mind, god forbid. We should talk about politics instead.