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Gay Black Furry Denounces Republicans At Esports Awards

The “Best Esports Player” award at “The Game Awards 2018” goes to Asus-sponsored player SonicFox, who gave his acceptance speech whilst wearing his fursona skin and soon launched into a political tirade, and after the event was over in the best traditions of sportsmanship he was inviting them and any other detractors to “suck my dick.”

SonicFox, who has apparently worn his fur suit to other tournaments and events, made his video game award acceptance speech decidedly political by condemning Republicans with the statement “I’m gay, black and a furry – everything a Republican hates”, while also flexing his virtue by mentioning his donation to a cancer patient:

He was also quick to lambaste any who would dare criticize his actions, resulting in even greater displays of sportsmanship and civility:

The usual outlets and Twitter denizens were particularly impressed by this brave denouncement of the evils of what can only be described as possible Trump supporters:

The comments somehow earned disparagement even from his own kind:

Although still a tame enough episode by the standards of actual sports, Asus and company can rest assured they have a prima donna of diversity and inclusion in the making, sure to teach any dirty white cis-Republicans the errors of their fursecuting ways should they ever dare to enter a DBFZ tournament.

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