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Top 10 Truths About Sloppy Women You Didn’t Want to Know

Disturbing truths about sloppy women that people would have rather not known are abundant in this new insightful ranking, with hygiene and general cleanliness playing a heavy theme and bound to be a surefire way to lose the interest of men.

The ranking:

1. They Don’t Bathe Everyday

2. They Skimp On Their Dental Hygiene

3. They Wear Their Bras For Days Without Washing Them

4. They Sleep Without Removing Their Makeup

5. Their Diet Consists Mainly of Junk Food

6. They Don’t Wash Their Sheets or Pillowcases

7 (tie). Mountains of Laundry Are Piled Up In Their Room

7 (tie). They Are Always Late to Appointments

9 (tie). They Don’t Carry A Handkerchief or Towel

9 (tie). The Area Around Their Desk is Filthy

9 (tie). They Don’t Mind Using Dirty Makeup Tools


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