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Love Live Arcade Glitch Stripping Idols Nude in Public

A humorous glitch has affected the Love Live arcade game, stripping the famous idol girls of not only their clothes but also their dignity since the title is played in public.

The arcade game tasks players with raising the franchise’s girls into budding idols, employing performances where the girls dance as players press buttons at the correct times – it seems the innocent game however added a new “feature” as the idols have now been stripped of their clothing during these sequences.

Unfortunately there is no genitalia exposure (as most would expect), but many on social media have found the occurrence quite comical – videos depicting the bug:

Given the seriousness of the bug, it is likely that the game will be shut down at some point so that the error can be resolved – but not before the franchise receives a much needed boost in arcade foot traffic for some reason.

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