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Langrisser Slashing Its Way to Mobile

Turn-based strategy series Langrisser is making a return by way of smartphones as “Langrisser Mobile”, allowing its usual thought-provoking military action on the go and possibly even putting Fire Emblem on guard.

Existing since 1991, the tactical RPG was created by Masaya Games and brought stateside by Treco – a promotional video for the mobile game:

Langrisser Mobile follows Matthew and his friends Aimeeda and Grenier as their town is visited by Bozel, who has come to take Aimeeda into custody, with their journey soon leading them down a path of peril as they encounter a slew of dangerous battles.

Much like other turn-based strategy titles, Langrisser Mobile gives players access to several different classes of units, with each having their own special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, tasking players with using them effectively.

Characters are initially handed out but players can try their luck by summoning new ones by spending tickets earned during play (or by paying for them with either real money or gems); additionally, characters can be powered up with shards.

More previously released gameplay footage:

Langrisser Mobile will launch in the west sometime in 2019 for Android and iOS.

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