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Bethesda Doxxes Fallout 76 Customers

Bethesda has perhaps attained a new record for incompetency as a recent glitch has apparently given someone access to all support tickets for Fallout 76, exposing the email, home address and credit cards used by players.

The horrifying revelation was brought up by a Reddit user, who mentioned that all the support tickets of Fallout 76 players were being sent to his Bethesda account:

A moderator vouched for the validity of the questionable event:

Others were naturally quick to further lambast Bethesda’s inadequacy:

Thankfully assuring others that he has no intent on misusing the personal information, he has contacted Bethesda about the error and it has since supposedly been fixed (a corporate-level apology was also issued).

Despite the horrendous bugs, glitches, leeching micro-transactions and public release of private information, there were still fanboys willing to shill for the company and Fallout 76 with their lives:

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