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Ass-tolfo Onahole – They’ll Never Know If You Don’t Tell Them!

The company most responsible for bringing our 2D and 3D worlds together is Tamatoys, who has pioneered making “anime parody” onaholes based on our favorite waifus. They make everything from Satania to Albedo from Overlord II to a certain lewd camper and do a fine job at it. They also make a parody onahole based on Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha, a great option for anyone looking to expand his repertoire of sexual experiences. It also makes a great joke gift for someone who isn’t familiar with this unique character.

The onahole is solidly built, with a complex interior of bumps and dots that stimulate you from all directions, allowing you to make short work of your daily stress. At 280 grams, the onahole is conveniently sized for handy use and thicker than the inexpensive “starter” onaholes that use less material. (In general, the heavier/thicker on onahole is, the more realistic it will feel.)

Most onaholes have “star ratings” indicating the features of that sex toy. This onahole rates 2/5 stars for firmness, meaning that if softer material than average, 3/5 stars for “sensitivity” meaning that it won’t overstimulate you, and 4/5 stars for tightness, meaning a close feel around you when you use it.

Made by Tamatoys in Japan for maximum quality and safety. A lotion is included in the box, and 100% anonymous shipping is available. To clean, wipe out with tissues until completely dry and store.

Whether you want to get this fun Ass-tolfo parody toy as a joke gift for an unsuspecting friend or as a “White Christmas” gift for yourself, the toy is in stock here.

Note: this is a promotional post from Sankaku’s partner J-List, an online shop providing otaku goods from Japan. Purchases made through this post support this site financially. Thanks for reading!

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