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Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure Trailer Battles with Cards

The 3D action smartphone RPG Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure has gotten a short trailer providing an overview of most the game’s major features.

In Bandai Namco’s newest action-RPG, players will be able to recruit their favorite characters from both the manga and anime and form parties to venture into a new Greed Island from the series.

Gon and Killua return to the reactivated and now A.I. controlled Greed Island as test players and meet a mysterious girl named Sufika who, for unknown reasons, is pursued by the Phantom Troupe.

The title also has a card collecting aspect that allows players to use special Nen abilities – the adventurous trailer can be seen below:

Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure will be coming out in Japan for Android and iOS devices sometime this winter.

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