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Fallout 76 Day 1 Patch “Bigger Than Actual Game”

The amazingly buggy Fallout 76 is less than a few days away from its premiere. To “ensure a smooth launch experience” Bethesda will be rolling out a day one patch that is bigger than the original game.

Fallout 76 by itself is a 45-gigabyte install and Bethesda’s planned patch that is supposed to patch most of the title’s game-breaking bugs is an incredible 54 gigabytes.

Knowing Bethesda’s games this probably will not be enough to fix everything that’s wrong with the game as balance issues and actual gameplay changes to facilitate them can only be properly implemented once the actual title is out.

The highly patched Fallout 76 will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on the 14th of November.

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