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China Employs English-Speaking AI News Anchors

Xinhua News Agency melded the voice and appearance of human beings to create China’s first ever “AI news anchor”, essentially an AI-controlled virtual YouTuber who exists for the purpose of delivering news.

Beijing-based search engine operator Sogou and Xinhua unveiled their AI news anchors at the “World Internet Conference” in Wuzhen, which are said to be as equally capable as human news anchors due to the program being able to learn and simulate human lip movements and facial expressions.

A video of the realistic looking AI news anchor, who can announce the news in either Chinese or English:

Available now through Xinhua’s many internet and mobile platforms, it has been predicted that the news anchors will be able to surpass human anchors due to being able to work 24/7 without rest, so long as they are constantly fed text to read.

Xinhua believes the technology can improve the efficiency of daily TV news reports as well as potentially reduce their production costs, in addition to being able to deftly handle breaking news – though breakthrough popularity for the technology probably has to wait until Kizuna Ai herself is available for broadcast.

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