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Gakkou Gurashi Live Action Movie PV Heavily Disliked

Delusional horror series Gakkou Gurashi has given fans a taste of the nearly imminent live-action movie by way of a PV, unfortunately garnering ire as demonstrated by the video’s abundance of dislikes (a sad fate that befalls many live-action adaptations).

The appropriately zombie-packed PV:

A lot of commenters seem to think the movie has essentially boiled the series down into a generic zombie film:

“This is not Gakkou Gurashi, it’s just a generic zombie movie.”

“Was it not possible to reproduce the wonderful quality of the original anime through the use of live action?”

“This doesn’t seem very good…”

“This seems more cruel than I had imagined?”

“Gakkou Gurashi was a cute, fluffy godly anime that had a bit of spice. Gakkou Gurashi’s live action version is just an ordinary panic horror.”

“The only original elements are the title and the names of the characters.”

“The impact of the anime’s first episode is unforgettable!”

The Gakkou Gurashi live action movie (its cast consisting entirely of idol group “Last Idol”) will premier sometime in January of next year.

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