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The Key to Home Banned From Steam, Again

Bishoujo-centric visual novel “The Key to Home” has been removed from the platform once again after only just making it back on.

Developer Henteko Doujin managed to get the game back onto Steam in October after Valve promised they would be more hands-off when it comes to what they allow onto their platform, only for the title to be forcibly excised on November 5th.

The game was initially purged from Steam last year, with Valve declaring that the game’s main demographic was pedophiles, despite there being no sexual content and it apparently possessing a story opposite of their claim.

A statement from the developer on the Steam forums about this occurrence:

Current status

家的钥匙/IenoKagi has allowed its store release, but banned again, because this visual novel “appears to include sexually suggestive content involving minors.”

Their interpretation is opposite to our message in the story. From previous banning, we have been repeating that so many times, but haven’t get any reply yet.

The Key to Home was also given a T rating by the ESRB, yet this somehow has not convinced Valve:

Unfortunately, Valve seems not to be keeping to their word when it comes to only banning games that are “illegal or straight up trolling” after all.

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