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Goblin Slayer “Most Watched” US Anime

WarnerMedia’s Anime streaming service Crunchyroll has unveiled their most watched shows by state and country, with the rape-heavy Goblin Slayer managing to be the most watched in the entirety of the US and Australia, perhaps demonstrating that the controversy only helped to boost its reputation.

As noted by the article, Crunchyroll’s provided maps showcase the anime shows that have the most viewers for each country or state, excluding ongoing shows from previous seasons – the US, which has been completely engulfed in the drama of Goblin Slayer:

Canada, also dominated by Goblin Slayer but has some other anime too:

Latin America:

Europe had a greater interest in the new Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure:

Australia was likewise also immersed by Goblin Slayer:

In the Middle East and North Africa, Goblin Slayer is almost nowhere to be seen, presumably hitting a little too close to home:

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