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BPO: Goblin Slayer Rape “Appropriate For A Late Night Anime”

As many might have already predicted, Goblin Slayer has easily become a source for complaints as demonstrated by the BPO’s (Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement Organization) monthly user report due to its depressing rape scene, a topic that has enraged people in both hemispheres.

For those not aware, toothless Japanese TV watchdog BPO publishes monthly reports and has meetings regarding complaints sent in to them about specific TV broadcasts and the potential “ethical” issues they raise – the group’s latest meeting discussed complaints sent in from mid-September to mid-October.

Goblin Slayer was naturally one of their topics of discussion, with the group describing the scene as a band of adventurers going on a journey to exterminate monsters, only to get attacked by a group of them.

Some of the complaints received stated that there were “depictions of sexual violence towards women” in the anime and described them to be very unpleasant and a bad influence on children.

In response to these issues, the BPO confirmed there were indeed depictions of sexual assault and brutality in the anime, but that considerable efforts were made in how the scene was presented and ultimately believed that the content was permissible given the late night time slot – displaying some actual common sense it seems western networks are unlikely to share.

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