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Activision Blizzard Stocks Go to Hell After Diablo Immortal Annoucement

Blizzard’s disastrous reveal of the Diablo Immortal mobile game has had a significant impact on the company’s stocks.

Reports say that the Activision Blizzard stocks have plummeted as much as 7.2 percent, reaching the lowest value since January of this year. While fans almost universally abhor Blizzard entering the mobile market, analysts applaud the company’s decision saying it will lead to much greater profits down the line.

A few quotes from a few select market specialists:

Timothy O’Shea of Jefferies:

“Diablo was supposed to be Blizzard’s first shot on goal into the big global mobile game market…


Games like these attract large, harder core mobile audiences in Asia and the Diablo franchise is popular in the US, China, Europe and Korea.”

Brian Nowak of Morgan Stanley:

“Diablo Immortal could eventually have more than 200 million monthly active users, and that it could generate annual earnings of as much as $2.52 a share.”


“We expect Activision Blizzard to outpace its peers with its in-game monetization, and expect dramatic growth in its mobile business as it launches new titles based upon its successful PC and console games.”

From these financial predictions, it seems Blizzard’s mobile ventures are all financially secure. The bait has been cast into the water and all that remains is to wait for the Asian market to bite.

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    • I want the market to thrive and prosper but I want it to do so off of releasing quality content. I’d love to have games to play on my phone. There are some legitimately fabulous games that aren’t shit.

      Those are the games I wish came out rather than these games where the primary goal is money, secondary goal is get more money, and third is just to have a product that enables as many ways of getting money as possible.

      • It’s natural selection, when you think about it.

        Gamers refuse to put up with the prices of AAA games, and devs have financial obligations to make due to the extreme cost of making games. It is only natural for them to create games that tailor to a crowd that will gladly pay many times more for significantly less content with a far greater safety net for the Devs.

        AAA games these days are almost always sink or swim with the demand for quality AND quantity of content raising every year. If they fail once, it can mean the end for entire Dev teams and even entire gaming companies. If they chop up dev teams and make many mobile games with far greater chances and amount of payout, then why shouldn’t they do what makes logical sense?

        Think about it. What is a gamer’s value worth in the end?

        How much money they will put into a game, period. You vote with your wallet, and many “hardcore” gamers simply refuse to back “hardworking” companies with actual money… Instead, Gamers demands for both quality and quantity of content only increases, while the desire to pay what the product is worth only decreases.

  • “We expect Activision Blizzard to outpace its peers with its in-game monetization”

    There it is, the sole reason they decided to make it go mobile. So it could be an easy cash grab without any hard effort.

  • Nothing wrong with wanting to go into mobile market and make easy money.

    but the wrong thing to do is to present it as a main highlight of the event in front of people who mainly game with pc, paying to get in hoping to see what great pc game would they introduce as the main highlight.

    That’s like going to a paid rock concert and find out that for the last song they just do the fortnight dance. You should expect a few heads bleeding.

  • mobile games arent inherently bad, they are “games” …
    mobile games milk cashing ecosystem is the culprit of making any game, good or bad, a complete and utter shit

    mobile games will not take my money, as i will not give them anything not even a download

  • All of this would have been a uneventful day if they didn’t insist slapping the Diablo name on it.
    Have all the mobile experiments you want. Just don’t piss on your legacies that people are invested in.

  • As bad as their stock tanked I wonder if the tech crash they been talking about for the past few years is finally happening as there’s a perfect storm situation in silicon valley that pretty much mirrors what existed in 1999 with aspects of the Japanese asset price bubble of the 1980s thrown in.

  • And again we blame the company, the publisher. Remember, the company, Blizzard in this case – DOES NOTHING WRONG.

    It’s those fucking shit bags who PAY FUCKING MONEY FOR MOBILE GAMING who should be blamed. No?

  • There are good games you can play on phones.
    Like VirtualBoy emulator and Pokemon Gold… Or Zelda … -.-
    And that is all good games i can think of.
    Lack of controls only lets retarded games. Where you need movement and 2 buttons. (yeah i know GameBoy was amazing, but 10 years ago)
    Nintendo switch is like ground base of what you need to make handheld console currently.
    I would buy switch if i had some free cash , sadly none to spare -.- And i use phone to… call people. Make photos, watch netflix , sometime porn… Aaand thats all i need it for. No Facebook btw.

  • “While fans almost universally abhor Blizzard entering the mobile market, analysts applaud the company’s decision saying it will lead to much greater profits down the line.”

    This sentence alone pretty much proves all companies give a damn about is how profitable a game is and not the content of it or even the players of the game.

  • As expected..trash gets trash response. Mobile phone gaming is the biggest fuckin’ scam out there and the only people who should be more ashamed than the idiots who conjure it up is the people who actually support those garbage ripoffs. Fools, all of them.

  • I would really like to imagine that they will go bankrupt and close and we don’t have to worry about this crappy company raping their old IPs anymore, but it’s most likely speculators doing shit to their stocks

  • It CAN end up being a good game, I am pretty sure someone like Blizzard could make a game like that be good. That said I hope they remember that not being able to play that game on most mobile devices hurts the profits by a pretty large margin.

  • It depends on how blizzard handle it. Smartphone games tend to be very greedy. Many developers did not really make money, but some of them managed to fetch a big amount of money with the hype.

    Similar to PC, the same formula won’t work too well the 2nd time. It needs a product that please the players, willing to pay and willing to stay long.

    For a PC developer, the chance of a success in mobile won’t be too high. Most western gamers tend to have slow android which is bad for gaming too.

  • first, we need to get rid of inline advertisement on phones and in games.
    then, we need to shoot the person who invented microtransactions and defile their corpse
    afterwards we burn everyone at the stake who develops shovelware and scam apps that intentionaly dont work – “prank” apps count, too.

    Maybe we’ll see some quality then again.

  • Blizzard deserves it’s death. Pretty sure the CIA took over the gaming industry. Look what happens. Big companies eating the little ones and shitting them out. Complete and utter control. Blizzard sold out. Specifically the main marker was a hollywood movie. Hollywood is a den of devil worshipers.

    How could they make that WoW movie like that? Look at their fucking cinematics for expansions and games. They just had to extend that to a movie length. That’s it. You don’t have to hire a bunch of live action schmucks.

  • Maybe they should have made Diablo 4, and while doing that, make a mobile version, name it like Diablo 4: Immortal or Immobile or something else stupid. They make all the Diablo money AND secure that sweet mobile money. Or not, idk.

  • ANd people are justified to be fucking angry. This is what blizzard found to be apropriate to show to the FANS who came to see MAIN TITTLE NEWS: Not shit like this. This is suposed to be the main games, new games. Not a mobile game. That should have been a post blizzcon announcement. Not the 1,5 hours long they had at blizzcon for that shit. “You all have Phones”… Yeah, so? We dont want to play a game on a tiny screen, where our thumbs are gona cover most of the screen. Its not a 3ds, which you didnt have to put your thumbs on the middle fo the screen to do things. Its not the nintendo switch, which ALSO doesnt NEED to have thumbs on the screen. But also has big screen mode when docked. This is a fucking mobile ONLY game that isnt worth being revealed at Blizzcon. Hell. When they announced Heartstone. People werent UNhappy. They were happy, because card game and blizzard already had a Wow Cardgame existing. Even then, they didnt announce it as “ONly mobile”.. They announced it for PC and mobile. BOth. Why couldnt they do it with this game. WHy not say, hey, we are bringing this to PC and Mobile. Something for the fans to play whille waiting for Diablo 4… or even Diablo 3 expansion… But nope… Only mobile. And then not to mention…. The 1.5 hours reveal and QnA…. They didnt even reveal anything about how the game is gona be like. All we got was a Trailer… That showed some rather interesting thing that should have been added to Diablo 3….No talk about how gear is gona work, the inventory, Leveling, progression,Nothing. Not even if the game is gona have any microtransactions. They literaly just said “We are thinking how to do it”… Bitch you what?

    • Maybe something good will come of this.

      It did for the original StarCraft. It was basically a reskin of WarCraft 2, and was roundly mocked when they showed it at E3. Blizzard slunk away in shame, then built a new engine for it from scratch, and it was a huge success.

      Maybe being damn near laughed/booed off stage now at their own convention will be the wake-up they needed to pull their heads out of their asses and do it proper this time.

  • If they announced this shit alongside a proper sequel, the internet would have an orgasm. But they dropped the ball hard. Everyone knows that mobile-only sequels are dead-ends for a franchise.

  • Making a mobile game is fine. I get it. There’s a huge market for them.

    Making a mobile game the BIG Announcement at your own gaming convention going into the following year is “At that point, he knew he fucked up.”

  • Wall Street analysts have like 0 consequence for inaccurate predictions. I like this bit: “We expect Activision Blizzard to outpace its peers with its in-game monetization, and expect dramatic growth in its mobile business as it launches new titles based upon its successful PC and console games.”

    WHY do you expect it to outpace its peers when the game features like no boobs for attracting fanboys willing to spend money on gacha?!

  • Omfg shares went from 67 to 64 dollars! Its almost like the great depression. How will they recover? There you have it folks plain and simple the stock market is whats corrupting game studios. Once one enters the market it stops being about games and it all becomes about profit.

      • None of these two comments make any sense. blizzard has been a walking corpse since ’08, they got sold out by a large media company that owned them in that year to activision and have not had any say on what they put out ever since that year. They don’t exist in all roles and purposes they are activision from that point on, they basically keep the blizzard name to hook the nostalgia ridden monkey retards into buying their garbage tier products they crap out. This sort of brings a sort of psychological tribalism in them and they fall into deep denial that these are not only not the same people making these games but is a completely different organization doing it.

  • This is what happens when they show their fans what they didn’t ask for, oh, and the pseudo-game journalists white knighting Blizzard don’t really know what they are talking about nor what they are up against while defending this garbage.

  • Yeah… a game with a fan base of 30-50mill on PC going to have 200mill player on phone, seems legit…

    It’s not candy crush that every casual and mentally ill can smash between 2 train stop, it ain’t going to have nowhere close to 200mill users, even if it will free…

    • You seem to think that it will play like Diablo and not be optimized for mobile playtimes and not done by fucking professionals who have a decade of experience squeezing every last penny out of players. How naive can you get?

    • Still waiting for librem 5, it’ll run linux. That’s a decent OS on just about anything. It has over 5000 native games on steam, and cun run about 2500 more via proton/steamplay, although how useful that is on a modern phone is another matter.