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JK Suicide Idol Worked 12 Hours a Day for $300 a Month

It has been revealed that a schoolgirl idol who committed suicide earlier this year was earning barely $300 a month, despite working 12 hours a day.

16-year-old singer Honoka Oomoto, a member of obscure agricultural idol group Enoha Girls, killed herself earlier this year, although the reasons for her suicide have only recently been made public. The girl’s family have revealed that she was forced to work 12 hours a day for 20 days out of the month, despite only being paid ¥35,000.

A brief video of the late idol can be seen below:

The parents have also revealed that she wished to leave the company because she could not reconcile her harsh work schedule with her school studies, but she was told that breaking her contract would result in a ¥100,000,000 fine. Oomoto killed herself the day afterwards.

Oomoto’s parents are now suing the deceased girl’s agency as a result of their daughter’s death.

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