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Enact Your Goblin Slayer Fantasies With Three “Isekai” Onaholes

With the explosive first episode of Goblin Slayer, interest in the sexual side of fantasy and isekai anime has never been stronger. Happily, Japan’s onahole manufacturers are fans of these genres to and give us lots of fun options to relieve our stress and play out our goblin fantasies. I’m Peter, the owner of J-List, and this is a quick overview of three of the top-selling fantasy-themed sex toys on J-List for your collection.

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First is the Enjoy Party Cup — Female Knight, a female warrior on an adventure who had the bad luck to get defeated. The toy is a “cup type” onahole, meaning a hard outer shell with a softer interior. The toy has an air hole on the side, allowing you to choose what “level” of suction you want to experience while you fap. It’s fun to experiment with this feature and see what you like the best.

If sexy elves are your thing, there is also an Enjoy Party Cup — Elf for you to play with, which simulates the soft insides of an elf who unfortunately got defeated, and now have to pay the price with her body. The toys incredibly detailed inside, with large appendages that stroke you from all sides while you glide past, followed by a tornado of grooves at the bottom, for you to finish in. It also supports the “suction level” selector hole.

Finally, Tamatoys, the company responsible for making all those fun anime parody onaholes, has brought out one based on Albedo from Overlord, allowing us to fulfill our fantasies of sex with a demon queen. The toy is a lot of fun, and great for any casual users.

All onaholes are made in Japan, for maximum quality, and come with starter lotion, usually a single-use packet. You might want to pick up more, like this bottle of Onatsuyu, which is accurately scented like a woman, because Japan is incredibly creative about these things.

To clean an onahole, wipe it out with tissues until completely dry inside, and store in a dry place. note that “cup type” onaholes can be much harder to clean effectively, and will probably have a shorter life than more conventional (flexible) onaholes.

All our fantasy onahole are available from this link.

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