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Mega Man 11 Prima Guide “Stole From Spriter’s Resource”

Mega Man 11‘s Prima guide has been earning scorn online due to buyers discovering that it “stole” sprites ripped by the Spriter’s Resource, sure to have many confused why they were unable to secure official art from Capcom themselves.

The guide possesses several segments and articles spanning the Mega Man universe, one certain section had been turning heads however as it featured sprite art of characters Bass and Treble, with a fascinating signature at the bottom the makers seemingly forgot to erase:

The rips from Spriter’s Resource in comparison:

Others also called out the guide’s questionable quality:

While technically still legal in the realm of copyright law as the characters and assets in question are owned by Capcom and any unlicensed work is a grey area derivative work at best and itself infringing at worst, profuse laziness may be deemed the most appropriate label for this act.

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