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Crunchyroll Forces Trigger Warnings on Goblin Slayer

In another example of western malaise combining with anime, Crunchyroll has decided to add trigger warnings at the start of every Goblin Slayer episode streamed on their service.

After a lot of literal shaking because fiction is too hard to handle even in animated form, WarnerMedia-owned anime streaming service Crunchyroll has announced on their Twitter they will be adding content warnings to episodes of Goblin Slayer.

And here’s how they look:

There have been plenty of anime series with gratuitous violence and sexual content streamed by Crunchyroll but none of them have received this kind of treatment except Goblin Slayer – viewers can presumably expect similar warnings about the evils of sexual assault and gender stereotypes in more service-heavy shows in future.

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  • As long it’s nothing more than warning it’s fine but honestly the overreaction toward the rape scene was ridiculous. There are similar scene every year that usually rarely go further than a few hatred post, this time was way too much. Back then when the anime was announced a lot of us who read the LN and Manga warned pretty much everywhere that the beginning was going to trigger some group because of the rape scene then there will be almost no similar scene, that’s too bad they didn’t bother spending some minutes doing searching for more information and instead promptly labeled the whole serie as rape propaganda.

      • That’s exactly what it is.
        It initially didn’t have any form of content warning about the violence and rape, so people watched it without realising, and were not too thrilled about it.
        CR responded by adding a content warning.

        If that’s some sinister leftist SJW agenda, then what the fuck are the constance “mature content” warnings I have to click through on this fucking site?

        • @08:43
          mature content warnings on websites serve to aid in a legal case should they arise.
          specifically, the concern is minors visiting adult websites and thus the message is aimed at them.

          “trigger” warnings are aimed at adults, who really should be beyond this, but they’ve become such pussies this century that one has to wonder how much worse their kids will be when they grow up to be adults. there won’t be enough waaambulances to put them to rest.

          it’s just like the left to encourage feelings of victim hood in fully grown adults.

          • @13:22
            you’re really trying to argue that content filters which literally filter content and ask for permission before you view “mature content” on a written article is worse then a public video streaming service flashing up a generic discretion message for a few seconds? How retard are you? The hypocrisy of some of the retards on sankaku is unreal. Spend your anti-SJW energy on points that actually matter, not shit like this.

          • @18:42
            If you’d actually step away from your edgy internet life for a few seconds you’d know that viewer discretion warnings are common place, and have BEEN common place, on all TV channels across the world. A few points here:
            1) The fact that you know about the activities of porn sites on the net but seem oblivious to the common place nature of these kinda things in IRL society says a lot about how sad your life is.
            2) Crunchyroll is a public video streaming service which features a wide range of content for all ages. Underage people can stumble upon random shows that have rape and violence in it, because they were stupid enough to make something like Gobin Slayer not age restricted. Parents can then sue Crunchyroll for not having any type of warning about it. This would be a fairly convincing lawsuit that would, at the very least, be considered in court. Sankaku is an edgy anti-SJW porn-focused website which isn’t for supposed to be suitable for all ages to visit, and which is only visitable by a stupid underage kid if they randomly click onto it for no reason. You’d be laughed out of court trying to make that lawsuit stick.

            Is that clear enough for you kid, or do I have to spell it out even more? Kids are actively supposed to be on Crunchyroll, so if a kid sees a random anime and clicks on it, and sees something that traumatises them, you could convince a judge or a jury that it was the site’s fault. You can’t do that for a site like sankaku, since they have no responsibility over whether people do or do not visit the site because they were an idiot who was just randomly visiting an unknown hentai website.

            Your logic is completely backwards, and it makes no sense. And why I’m even bothering to tell you this I don’t know. Since you’re apparently such a child or a childish person who has no clue how the world works, that you think a discretion warning which is common decency that has been around for decades is SJW pandering. Go and get some sunshine, and actually experience the real world so that you don’t don’t brain dead moron who knows nothing about the world.

          • @19:20
            “Is that clear enough for you kid, or do I have to spell it out even more? ”
            Unfortunately you’re the one that has to be spoon fed…

            “Crunchyroll is a public video streaming service which features a wide range of content for all ages. Underage people can stumble upon random shows that have rape and violence in it”
            “This would be a fairly convincing lawsuit”

            What a joke.

            Crunchyroll has a mature content filter for that purpose. GOOD. Combined with their Terms of Service, that should offer them sufficient legal protection. Read the Indemnification clause big boy. You can bet that WarnerMedia had their lawyers review it.

            These _optional_ “trigger” warnings were added because adults, probably SJWs, kicked up a stink. There is no legal requirement to protect a user _using the service as intended_ who is overly sensitive. Their lack of balls is not a liability. Parents lack of reviewing shows before showing their kids is also not a liability – that’s bad parenting and the onus is on them.

            Besides, as has been mentioned somewhere ITT before, the underlying reason for all the distaste is that western people that used to like anime were hardcore back in the day. Now there’s a heap of cry babies that need catering to.

            The recent fiasco with “High Guardian Spice” doesn’t help CR’s case in looking centrist to us.

          • @20:34
            filters and content blocking used to protect against legal cases, especially ones regarding underage visitors are justified. they have been common on porn websites for decades for this reason.

            the warnings shown on crunchyroll are not critical to its legal standing.
            it is simply a way to cater for fat crybabies.

            that is why people here consider it “worse”.

            but you knew that already shill-chan.

      • And yet the underlying reason for the bad taste isn’t the act of adding warnings, it’s the realization that anime is becoming so mainstream that normies and their sensitive feelings have to be catered for with such actions.

        The days in the west when only weebs, whitu pigotakus, NEETs and anonymous trolls watched and posted about anime is fading away. That audience didn’t give two fugs about things like tentacle raep or sh1tting d1ck n1pples.

    • Because the normies and autists combined their soy to protect the snowflakes from having anything that doesn’t cater to their infantile minds as unacceptable. To them, if it looks like it was drawn for 4 year olds then it should be made for 4 year olds.

    • This is exactly the problem. The scene is no big deal and those with delicate minds could have easily avoided it. The fact SJWs are overreacting AND that Crunchyroll listened to them is troubling. Complains are not going to stop because they added a warning, and Crunchyroll appears to be willing to accommodate for stupid sensibilities. When people complain that they don’t like some content, they should just be told to fuck off rather than get an apology and whatnot.

  • Sankaku wanting those clicks. This is a nothingburger if I ever saw one. It’s just a generic message of viewer discretion is adviced. You get those when watching certain programming on live tv as well. Whatever!

    • To those who don’t know or weren’t around at the time. This comment section appears to be overrun with Crunchyroll shills downvoting anyone critical of the service and upvoting those in support.

      • No, people are just pissed off at sankaku for ripping at the bottom of the shit turd for things to complain about. With all the social justice ass shit going on in the world right now, THIS is what they make an article about. It’s shit like this that paints anti-sjws as extremist virgins with no lives who complain about nothing.

          • for one thing, sankaku does do international politic news. they’ve done it a lot before. but more over, there’s a shit ton of stuff they could cover, some of it POSITIVE STUFF for anti-SJWs. Like that Marvel guy who recently got fired for insulting people with an SJW thing on twitter. But no, of course sankaku would never cover that, because that’d make anti-SJWs happy, and sankaku doesn’t want that. They know how to get people worked up by writing hyperbolic articles about stupid minor crap to get y’all riled up.

          • @22:47
            I agree with you for the most part, but I have one problem:
            “They know how to get people worked up by writing hyperbolic articles about stupid minor crap to get y’all riled up.”
            R*ft doesn’t know how to rile people up. He just cries about random shit he sees on Reddit or the chans thinking its much bigger than it really is. 99%, of Americans at least, don’t even know of the war of the Anti-SJWs, and what little they do know is some dude in Europe was trying to stop a bill and stopped caring once they saw the “white niggers” comment he made. Its so lulzy. R*ft gets 300 comments at best and that is just half of them shitting on him, then another quarter trolling.
            Can’t forget the “SJW” style comment scrubber. This is my 4th attempt.

          • @22:47
            I agree with you for the most part, but I have one problem:

            “They know how to get people worked up by writing hyperbolic articles about stupid minor crap to get y’all riled up.”

            R*ft doesn’t know how to rile people up. He just cries about random shit he sees on Reddit or 4chan thinking its much bigger than it really is. 99%, of Americans at least, don’t even know of the war of the Anti-SJWs, and what little they do know is some dude in Europe was trying to stop a bill and stopped caring once they saw the “white niggers” comment he made. Its so lulzy. R*ft gets 300 comments at best and that is just half of them shitting on him, then another quarter trolling. The rest of us are smart and stop the shill buck clicks.

            Can’t forget the “SJW” style comment scrubber. This is my 3rd attempt.

          • @22:47
            I agree with you for the most part, but I have one problem:

            “They know how to get people worked up by writing hyperbolic articles about stupid minor crap to get y’all riled up.”

            Rift doesn’t know how to rile people up. He just cries about random shit he sees on Reddit or 4chan thinking its much bigger than it really is. 99%, of Americans at least, don’t even know of the war of the Anti-SJWs, and what little they do know is some dude in Europe was trying to stop a bill and stopped caring once they saw the “white niggers” comment he made. Its so lulzy. Rift gets 300 comments at best and that is just half of them shitting on him, then another quarter trolling. The rest of us are smart and filter the site.

      • Thanks for clarifying, a lot of these comments suddenly make more sense. Typical SC comments won’t give CR a free pass if they’re enacting even tiny policy changes due to sensitive person or SJWs.

    • The generic message is not the issue. Problem is Crunchyroll is listening to moralfags and SJWs. No way they’ll be satisfied with this warning; they’ll be demanding more and more restrictions and censoring.

  • Holy fuck, we truly transcended into post-irony. This very article obsessively mocking Crunchyroll for having a mature content warning itself actually has a mature content warning on it. I guess it doesn’t surprise me that Sankaku writers are LITERAL retards.

    Rift and has crew of public masturbators should go commit sudoku right now.

  • Content warnings are totally reasonable, and should be applied to the other shows too. Don’t censor, but let those who want to avoid it choose to avoid it without telling others what they can watch.

  • lmao forget about crunchyroll shills, sankaku must be doing damage control now. There’s basically been zero new comments, even though some comments that had like six or seven up-votes are suddenly into negative numbers

  • Oh my god you guys! I was going through my old catalog of PS1 games and booted up Resident Evil and when it started it had a warning that said “This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore” THE SJWs HAVE TIME MACHINES!

  • This article literally has a mature content filter. Is this blatant irony which completely shits over the point of the article lost on all the of the rabid CR bashers? Nah, you all consider THAT fine, because it’s sankaku and sankaku is your edgy anti-SJW safehouse so they can get away with complete hypocrisy.

    I like sankaku. And I’m anti-SJW. But seriously, fuck right off. This is the most retarded bunch of hypocrites I’ve ever seen. Go do something better with your lives instead of giving anti-social-justice-warriors a bad name by acting like completely retarded children.

  • Stop fucking acting like this is a big deal, shows have had warnings like this for a long fucking time and it was a mistake for them to not be included to begin with.
    It’s common decency, now stop acting like dumbasses.

  • They should have added that warning before the reactions, not after. It helps very little now.

    And yes, Rift is the textbook example of when people talk about “anti-SJWs are just as annoying as SJWs”. I have no love for either: they both make mountains out of molehills, always in regards to some piece of media.

  • deflactionspiral says:

    Ok, you’re REALLY fucking stretching for this one. I hate SJW stuff as much as the next person, but a brief and insanely generic “viewer discretion” message? That’s such a big deal you feel the need to make an article about it? I see those all the damn time on basically everything. There’s a difference between common courtesy by giving people basic info and going full SJW. If that’s the kinda thing you find annoying then you must fucking LOATH age ratings and content descriptors, huh? Since it’s basically the same kinda thing. I could understand it if it was a full on trigger warning with SJW terminology and a list of triggers or something. But not the world’s most generic fucking warning. You’re really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for things to get pissed off about. Kinda weird given how many legitimate SJW antics there are to get pissed off over out there

    • Yes, a warning is not a big deal. Later well get a confirmation screen, then it’ll be unlisted unless you opt in, finally this stuff won’t be licensed as it’s too much trouble and for some reason less popular than unrestricted, fully listed and advertised series.

      • Yes, the polar caps will melt and we will all be drowned by the sea, all because of Crunchyroll added trigger warnings.

        You really need to get some fresh air. The internet is no healthy for you.

          • @22:43 it’s not a “random video online”. It’s a broadcast of an anime via a professional anime streaming service. Fucking hell. If this was some random video on a video sharing site you’d have a point. But this isn’t just some random shit people stumble onto on some weird part of the internet.

          • Some people who stumble across a random show that is not age restricted, on a public platform, might not want to see monster rape and graphic violence. You really think everything in the world should form around your tough-skin sensibilities? “Yeah, I can stumble upon random monster rape anime and not care so the rest of the world should too!”. Yeah, here’s a newflash, “kiddo”: some people don’t wanna see rape. Some people don’t wanna see strong violence. The anime is not age restricted, and in fact it’s presented in a way to make it seem fine for THIRTEEN year olds. You don’t just put fucking video game boxes up on store shelves with no content descriptor do we? You’re the fucking weakling who can’t stand the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your ridiculously thick-skin.

          • anon 22:04
            Or how about you suck it up you pathetic fucking manchild. Fucking hell, how fucking weak minded do you have to be to get this upset over a discretion warning (which isn’t even a “trigger warning” anyway, really. These things have been around on TV for fucking decades). Get a grip on reality

          • @22:50 Actually, because it’s not a “random video online,” but a broadcast of an anime via a professional anime streaming service you can easily read on what to expect before watching. It was no secret that goblin rape was going to be part of the show.

          • Funny how you’re calling him a “fucking manchild” yet you seem to think some kind of warning message is required. Here’s a newflash kid, people who aren’t weak little pussies emotionally don’t need these warnings.

          • People blaming others for their ignorance. Society shouldn’t be your nanny. If your mind is so fragile to handle drawings, don’t just randomly click on whatever video you find online. Check the themes covered before deciding to watch.

  • Sankaku, your hypocrite is showing. Your front page literally has a mature content filter on it.

    Especially for Goblin Slayer, which if you have no experience with the IP, which itself is new to begin with, the rape scene comes out of nowhere in the very first episode. Most people that are used to fantasy or game-themed anime would not be expecting it. Having a little popup warning makes sense in this regard. It’s neither censorship nor “attacking” the Goblin Slayer IP.

  • the problem with a lot of the anonymous people on sankaku, and even the sakaku writers themselves, is that they’re just stupidly out of touch with reality. they’re the kinda people who keep themselves locked away from “normal” society so much that they literally think that things that have been common place since the dawn of mankind are some new form of SJW censorship. It’s honestly sad seeing a bunch of people getting triggered by a service which is basically a TV channel for all-intent-and-purposes (just on the internet) do something that every TV channel has done and continues to do since TV was first invented for any TV show that has had even vaguely sensitive content. Y’all actually think and act like this is some product 2018 SJW pandering and not a professional internet channel doing something ridiculously normal after they realized they probably should’ve done it from the get go.

  • R*ft is a joke. Why in the fuck are you concerned with a generic warning? one that’s been around for all kinds of media since media began. why the fuck is this a major deal? grow a backbone, you’re just a fucking snowflake if you can’t handle the fact that some people may want to be warned before watching something with sensitive content in it. I agree with a lot of your articles about SJW crap but this is really pathetic. there comes a point where you become such a goddamn pussy with not being able to overlook this kinda minor shit that you become indistinguishable from the snowflakes that you hate. Not to mention, you blur the line between actual SJW antic and people being generally courteous and decent to people. When you act like the latter is the former, you just give “anti social justice” people a bad name. You make us all look like insensitive assholes. So thanks a fucking bunch for that.

    • @02:36
      “grow a backbone”
      “some people may want to be warned before watching something with sensitive content in it”

      hold on, why tell him to get a backbone but not the people who “may want to be warned”? are you playing favorites? say it ain’t so shill-chan.

  • I don’t mind. If all they do is a warning, and let the episode stream uncensored, then fine. I’m mature enough to accept that, while I love and enjoy Goblin Slayer very much, it’s not going to be for everyone. This sort of warning does need to be on every series that has content of a very graphic nature (both sexual and violent).

    So long as they keep it to a warning, age gated at the worst (requiring someone to confirm their age first), I’m fine with it.

    The moment they start censoring shit, then we have a problem.

  • Capcom put these warnings in their games during the original PlayStation era.
    While I do agree some people are being oversensitive, this is still rape we’re talking about.
    Some people simply do not want to watch this kind of stuff.
    There is nothing wrong with informing them. It’s no different from putting age ratings on things.
    If you fail to understand this, you are – quite frankly – immature.
    Save your breath to bitch about things that actually matter.

  • That content warning thing just makes it seem WAY darker. Like, how they put content warning before shows like The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad? That’s actually kinda cool. At least they didn’t ban the series.

  • Why they didn’t do this in the first place though is beyond me. I was surprised at a lack of warnings for the first episode (wasn’t surprised much by the episode, though what did surprise me was that they kept the Priestess losing control of her bladder). I would’ve been very surprised if they hadn’t kept the rape scene in, as it is literally a key part of character development for the MC.

    Dance in the Vampire Bund has a mature content warning with a confirmation box, while having far less violence. Hellsing Ultimate has a mature content warning with that same confirmation, while having far less rape.

    What is really weird is that Berserk doesn’t have that confirmation box, despite having tons of graphic violence and rape (hell, the main page for Berserk on CR doesn’t even have a content advisory).

    The inconsistency is where CR fell down. They have the filters available, they should be employing them consistently to avoid scenarios like this.

  • damn you sankaku! I just spent about 5 minutes posting my comments and it said I am posting too damn quick? WTF?? I haven’t posted anything! Fix your post detector!

    Well I cancelled Crunchyroll after the BS they did with Danmaichi ruining the game and their stupid reason to do it. I had been with CR since the very beginning but after that stunt I cancelled them immediately!

    But I do agree there should be a warning about this show because I was not expecting to see what I did in a standard anime. I found it refreshing to find such a realistic adventure story and the goblins though and just how nasty and vicious they are. But yes this is one that there needed to be a warning as you would not want to have children watching this one.

  • VenturousArtist says:

    Adding a fucking disclaimer is nothing new. Why the fuck are they wasting time with this?


    Fucking sensitive cunts.

  • You do realize that what you maybe even like in pornography, that being women being raped, with their faces in artistically extreme ecstasy, instead of the the things that would be there normally, such as terror, hate, and horror, are probably actually just disturbing to a lot of people? And not what they were expecting out of a TV show, much less one that didn’t carry warnings, and if the comments are right, apparently, a PG-13 rating, which Goblin Slayer apparently did.

    In regards to Goblin Slayer, most people, when confronted with depictions of rape, are probably violated and disgusted, and are certainly supposed to be, however, looking at the camera angles and facial expressions, it’s using the same camera angles and facial expressions used in Japanese animated pornography, for women in extreme ecstasy, so it is, in a very graphic way, echoing pornography. It’s a very psychopathy grade action, maybe pretends at artistic merit, while actually being some violator’s sick wet dream of violating people who aren’t rape fetishists, by people who are probably, actually, demented, sick fucks.

    “viewers can presumably expect similar warnings about the evils of sexual assault and gender stereotypes in more service-heavy shows in future”. There was no warning on it previously, apparently, and it was PG-13, I suspect leaving people to think they were watching something like Slayers, One Piece, or maybe Bleach, for instance, and not everyone who watches anime, even, is a rape fetishist pornographeur?

    I’m potentially mistaken, I have to admit, because I didn’t fucking watch it, because I thought I might have found Goblin Slayer disturbing, supposedly from edgelords, but actually from demented, sick psychopaths seeking to violate. Apparently, it gets worse, throughout, which I guess shouldn’t surprise me, either.

    You’re bent out of shape because it’s no longer PG-13, without any content warnings?

    The reason this story is notable is Crunchyroll didn’t have something like an R or M rating with specific advisory on it already?

    You’re a psychopathic edgelord?

  • “forces” a warning? Imagine being so politically divisive that you think a splashcreen saying “hey, there’s rape” is a political movement encroaching on your…something? How exactly is this a negative thing?

    • It isn’t even a “there’s rape” warning, it’s literally the world’s most generic “This show contains disturbing content” warning you get all the time on TV. The funny thing is, if it WAS specifically a message warning of rape in the show, I could KINDA understand maybe where the soy is coming from, since it’d be pandering to a specific subset of people with a specific type of trigger. But it’s the fact that it’s a generic “disturbing content” warning, something that’s been around on all forms of media for decades, that makes the complaining utterly pathetic.

      It’s more like, imagine being so politically divisive that you think a splashscreen showing the generic “viewer discretion” message is some 2018-SJW-conspiracy.

  • Well … the second episode didn’t showed any rape, so the studio is probably going to refrain from showing too much.
    In the manga there was another group slayed and raped in the tree fortress from the episode. They skipped that.

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    I think its because the rape came out nowhere on the first episode which was the problem. I think even Berserk at least got to the 2nd episode before Guts was raped (Could be wrong on that), but the violence of the first episode would have rooted out the squeamish before getting to that point. The manga nearly turned me off at the beginning too but the comedy of the extra scenes with the chibi Goblin Slayer spurned me on. I like how disappointed/sad Goblin Slayer gets when are no goblin killing jobs. Other than those bits, there is not much in the show to look forward to. Its pretty basic. Maybe the side story stuff is better.

  • I pity the people have been shocked by Goblin Slayer (I was scared to School Days back that time when I started to watch anime), although compared to other series is nothing, still is a fact that has heavy content for people who aren’t used to watching this type of content, probably people watched it thinking that is the typical fantasy medieval series, the adventurer and his friends, that why a lot of people complained… or either wanted to be part of hype train.

    Feminazis and SJW doesn’t count.

    • It’s because society is full of leftist snowflakes that are offended and upset by literally everything. Remember the Apu stuff from The Simpsons? The cartoon had been around for decades but someone went on a “righteous” crusade proclaiming it racist because they’re too mentally retarded to see that these characters are nothing more than caricatures.

      If you want a TLDR of the above. Crunchyroll are worried about upseting the emotionally fragile snowflakes.

      • There are a difference between offended and shocked, offended are SJW and feminazis, they doesn’t count because they complain about everything, I’m talking about those people (normies) that aren’t used to watch this kind of content.

    • People reacted negatively to rape in Berserk back in the day, both of young Guts and of Casca. This is nothing new. People are just more connected these days so it’s easier to find opinions of either side without much effort.


          Anti-snowflaking and Anti-SJWing just turns you into whatever it is you hate. Both types of people seem to be whatever it is they are always railing against. R*ft here seems to be the biggest Anti-SJW snowflake out there. literally getting made over a generic warning.

          • @01:24
            My point was it becomes circular then. The reasoning was beyond stupid and people are getting as mad as the “snowflakes” they hate. Hell most people don’t give two shits and its presented as them snowflaking. Its a much of rightist, anti-morals fags that are getting triggered by themselves(if not by trolls on their own side).

          • But, following on what you say, there is no need for the “anti-snowflake snowflake warning” you demand since we already have a more general “snowflake warning.”

  • I’m triggered that Muslims are portrayed as those Goblins and then pointlessly and ruthlessly murdered. And had those female infidels been wearing proper burkas and been escorted by a male relative, then the Muslims (err Goblins) would not have used them like that, at least not without permission and proper payment..

  • People are triggered by scenes like this yet put shows like GoT on a pedestal where rape is not only depicted more graphically but is also portrayed by real people.

    People aren’t triggered by the fact that there’s rape, they’re triggered by the fact that it’s Japanese and there’s rape.

    • You know that the rape parts of GoT have always been ridiculously controversial, right? The shit storm that arose over GoT relating to depictions of sexual assault was unreal. Personally I don’t see why either should be controversial in the first place, but don’t just cherry-pick info

    • Thing is HBO just sends its lawyers to tell the SJWs to deal with it or they’ll get to experience some courtroom raping first-hand. Crunchyroll on the other hand bends over and accommodates for these idiots’ fragile minds. They found a weak target and now you can be sure they won’t stop until the service is certified snowflake-friendly.

  • Really? All that confusion JUST BECAUSE OF ONE RAPE SCENE?! Hell! Imagine when the next episodes come out! Compared to the rest of the story, the first episode is like a My Little Poney’s episode.

    This is what happens when newbies don’t read the manga or read the novels of Globin Slayer…

  • The comment section here got full of comments/votes supporting Crunchyroll in record time!
    After they stole an open source browser extension for their half-assed (and way overdue) HTML5 player I was wondering what do they do with all the subscription/ads money. Now I know!

  • Not a surprise. Crazy people who seems to think everything is about women are going insane over this because Goblins, literal monsters that are a male only race, are raping women to reproduce.

    • What about the pathetic losers like yourself who are whining about a generic “viewer discretion is advised” message that was added for a couple of seconds, huh? What about people like you? And you complain about others being the snowflakes.

      • Problem is these idiots don’t want a generic warning. They want contents they dislike censored and banned for everyone. If they complain, just remove access for them so their stupid sensitivities don’t begin to affect others.

        • anon 21:32 Yes and if people still complain and CR bow down to them THEN you have the right to throw your little hissy fit. Until then, shut the fuck up and suck it up. It’s a fucking generic ass “viewer discretion” message that you get all the fucking time before TV shows, even ones after the safe harbor aimed strictly at adults. There’s such a thing as showing base decency by giving people information. Not every little fucking thing like this is some SJW conspiracy. I hate actual SJW bullshit as much as the next person, but seriously, grow the fuck up

          • linktothecat says:

            Yes, because when they began having continuity announcers give a “viewer discretion is advised” warning before TV shows over 50 years ago within a few weeks from that time TV channels turned full on post-modern SJW and began censoring themselves in droves–No wait, they didn’t. Seriously try making sense rather then using random discord when people counter argue you. Like its been stated, when (or if) that happens, then you can throw your toys outta the cradle as much as you fucking want. Until that happens, suck it the fuck up. Not everything in your life is gonna be perfect. Sometimes warnings exist that aren’t for people like you. Deal with it, you fucking weakling.

    • Because censoring people who’s opinion you don’t like will make you “feel” better. Tell me, who is the “greater” snowflake. The ones complaining that they didn’t like the aesthetic of Goblin Slayer looking like every other fantasy/MMO anime and then running into a rape scene on the first episode and not liking in and voicing that opinion, or the one getting angry at that opinion – stating anyone that doesn’t like it should be banned?

      I’d have to say that the one who’s salty about the opinions of others, pressing to ban and censor them is the far greater “snowflake.”

  • Holy fuck you wanna tell me that some “special snowflakes” watched this!? Oh those poor, poor things, what they’re gonna do now? Oh wait, I know! They’re gonna do what every little cocksucker does and bitch about it.

  • The way I see it this is just their way of getting whiny asshats to shut up. Like “here’s your meaningless disclosure, now leave us the fuck alone to watch our dark fantasy.”

    I can only hope it works and the triggered all go away, but we all know they won’t now that they’ve tasted blood.