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Even Asuna Has Become A Virtual YouTuber

Creators and companies in possession of absurdly popular anime franchises have finally realized the existence of the virtual YouTuber trend, as the Sword Art Online Twitter announced that Asuna will now be serving as one while also hawking future Sword Art Online products that fans can buy.

Her videos may occasionally be uploaded to the Aniplex YouTube channel, which may unfortunately be blocked for those who reside in the barbarian lands – Asuna however will mostly be active on Twitter.

The tweet introducing Asuna to the world of Virtual YouTubers (with speech synthesis being used for her voice and Live2D for her movements):

Asuna will supposedly even respond to user requests on Twitter, merely requiring the inquirer to add “#宣伝隊長アスナへリクエスト” to their tweet (trolling bound to become its top purpose).

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