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60% Off With MangaGamer’s “Moe Day” Sale

MangaGamer has announced their “Moe Day” sale, offering a slew of sexy eroge and visual novels at up to 60% off their normal price and serving as a perfect opportunity to try something new.

In addition, MangaGamer is now bringing some of their sex-filled titles to Steam, with owners of “Eden*” and “Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome” now being able to access the uncut R18+ content by way of Steam DLC – users need merely make sure they change their Steam settings to be able to see adult content (MangaGamer’s blog also provides instructions).

Evenicle will also be arriving onto Steam in its fully uncensored form, the JRPG bursting at the seams with titillating sex scenes that RPG enthusiasts won’t want to miss as the game has been illustrated by Yaegashi Nan of Senran Kagura fame.

A selection of the many titles being offered at a discount:

The Moe Day sale has begun and will last until October 17th.

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