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Goblin Slayer “Advocating Rape Culture”

The newly debuted Goblin Slayer anime has infuriated the usual suspects with its early rape scene.

Naturally many are quite confused about the complaining, as the anime basically revolves around the hero striving to kill off the entire rapist goblin species – Twitter however seems like it is more flooded with people complaining about the complainers than the complaints themselves.

Comments offended by Goblin Slayer’s rape:

People complaining about those complaining about the show’s rape, as well as people condemning whoever dislikes the show as whiners and SJWs:

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  • Isn’t the entire point of Goblin Slayer to be a fantasy setting where the rapist monsters are brutally killed for being brutal monsters as a form of wish fulfillment in the same vein as Batman beating up criminals?

    • I would defend goblin slayer but the problem is, it’s a shit lore manga that just does it for the shock value. 26 chapters and still no deep plot explained. 75 % of it is just hack and slash with reused panels.

      • You’re partially right. The fact no greater plot has been initiated is a little concerning, however, the addition of characters, and the side story manga, has widened the world of Goblin Slayer. I would like to see a plot evolve from the current cast of characters and direction.

        It’s good, but it needs to be given some boundaries.

      • I actually couldn’t agree more with this. I mean, rape fantasies are one thing in erotica because even women find those kinds of things arousing, albeit it I don’t personally understand it. That being said, this is meant to be a serious manga/anime title and not hentai, so if you are going to depict rape as regularly and as graphically as this manga does there needs to be a solid story line. The plot in Goblin Slayer is mediocre at best, it’s just a hack and slash with rape thrown in for the shock value. It does no good to the community to defend poor writing in series meant to be taken seriously. Now if this were actual hentai, rape away with your deviant fantasies.

    • The problem arises when such scenes are made as an excuse for fan service, giving a very good and sexualized view of the action for the audience to fap to. A good example would be how goblin slayer portrays the subject versus the way the movie Irreversible does.

    • “Hell Yeah, we need more rape and edgy stuff like that because we are the cool kids, and cool kids are edgy too, I’m not your average joe, I’m the dark joe. mwhaha”

      I’m just trying to picture how you think. xD

      • “rape and edgy” did you even watch the damn thing! I heard about this 2 days ago before seeing it and the way people went on about it I thought it was some new Monster Hentai, low and behold yesterday I see it up on an anime site and watch it.

        You wanna know what this was? It was a hardcore list of what a new party in a D&D table top game shouldn’t do! Yo whole “rape” lasted less than 2 seconds and nothing really was showed as much as hinted, don’t puss out like a bitch on me now!

  • like rape wasnt real
    like goblins were real
    ffs its fantasy
    ffs the author can write whatever the fuck they want
    ffs its not meant to please everyone

    you can only complain if you have been raped by a fucking goblin,
    and even then goblin slayer is avenging you regardless, so be sure to thank the guy

    ps fucking loved it, almost as much as the manga

    • Dear Anon:
      Learn what fucking cherry picking means.
      Learn what twitter is.
      Learn that anyone can give an opinion on the internet, have a chan shop it up, and then post it on other sites claiming its some sort of SJW movement that you have to stop.

      Literally Anti-SJWs are the fucking most snowflakey shit in existence. I believed them at first when there was actual evidence, but now its all photoshoped screenshots in compilations that are cherry picked to hell. Someone gave their opinion. They are crusading through the internet to stop your fun, the trolls looking for this shit ARE trying to stop your fun. Its funny to watch you get all prissy and type angry messages and then someone will screenshot it and post it to the other side and say: “LOOK THE NAZIS ARE AT IT AGAIN.” God, fucking stop being so stupid about the money making schemes and the trolls. Both go hand in hand.

        • October 10, 2018 at 10:32

          haha you are The SJW, white knight or keyboard warriors.

          Weren’t the right wing bitching over a female character in Battlefield???.

          Anyways stop with the left wing BS.

          Most likely a bunch of religion nutjob complain or nutjob woman that only care for themselve complaning.

        • They’re clearly just some SJW pretending to be centrist and peach some nonsense “Anti-SJWs are bad bad.” Also I never see any Anti-SJWs claimed that they got raped inside video games, never see any Anti-SJWs asking for $10,000+ donation for study on Batman’s butt, or ask for $10,000+ for open a Discord server, only SJW did.

          • Arent people like Lauren Southern, Sargon and other youtube le rational anti-sjw constantly asking for donations? lmao just face, you are no different that the snowflakes you hate

          • @22:47
            >They have done something productive
            What? You mean soigoi of applebees getting laughed out of the EU with white nigger shit?
            You mean Lauren Sutherland getting booted out of Australia for fake news?

            Please, I’m waiting for one of your favorites to have done something. SJWs made their fame for actually doing things rather than sitting in front of a computer pretending they can read more than 2 paragraphs.

    • I generally would ignore them since its them just tweeting out to their friends; usually. But then we have folks on the chans and Reddit searching out these tweets, touting them as SJW and then R*ft, the “I can write write news too,” posts a small paragraph and prints out all the bullshit the sights gathered, to rile up both sides for clicks. You need to stop being such a snowflake like those folks that weren’t trying to get those tweets out and actually start a movement.

      • I would give a fuck about it, you know how I would give a fuck about it? By simply not watching it. SJWs always have to make such a scene out of every little thing they don’t like, I just stay away from shit I don’t like and sing praises for shit I like instead.

      • Yeah they would because the goblins aren’t political lesbians (look it up) and still have sex with men. Even if the Goblins shoved swords up male asses, they’d still say it gratifying to gay men so still wrong. They would just have to either castrate male-only slaves and/or outright kill them and be matriarchial, that’s the only way it’d be okay.

  • They probably want villains to be a white male racist who promotes manspreading and mansplaining.

    But then again, they’ll complain that it promotes racism white supremacy manspreading and mansplaining.

  • Or maybe they could just… don’t watch it?

    Better yet, put all that righteous anger to work against real rapists (like those priests diddling little kids) instead of made up fantasy shows.

    • Agree there. Fake stuff in shows is one thing, but if you’re going to fight culture, fight REAL culture.

      I feel like a lot of “activists” protesting about fake TV shows and games and such really ought to just go out into the real world and fight REAL injustice instead. The issue being that it’s hard, risky, sometimes life-threatening, expensive, and often doesn’t get good results.

      I don’t like “SJW” activism because it’s really not activism, it’s more like complaining. It’s about making something out of nothing and getting upset about fictional things, when real things are happening right now and those real things are SO much worse.

      And the ironic things is that in places with real rape culture, they usually don’t even have access to stuff like Goblin slayer or other foreign TV shows they aren’t even aware of.

  • I mean this is why it exists, it kind of the anime version of scrotie mcboogerballs. Edgy goreporn for people who haven’t grown out of it, and something to make the censors mad. I mean, that’s cool, I remember reading a manga about execution from vivisection and where someones house was all made out of living people stretched and mutilated. Not interested in it anymore, not gonna demand its destruction, just not gonna watch it.

  • I’m not offended by this crappy anime or the backlash against it, but I’m sure as hell not going to pretend that Japan doesn’t have a serious cultural problem, because they do. They really do.

  • I’ll repeat what I wrote in the other post …
    The anime has at most 3 strong scenes ..
    1 to the beginning where he meets the priest.
    2 how he lost his sister (and left him traumatized)
    3 in the battle, shields with girls tied … where the globlins are shown using cowardly tactics ..

    Plus when they try to take off the clothes of the archer elf .. (hardly even counts)
    After that in the manga, there are no more scenes of violent sexual imprint !! (at least until now)
    For the rest, it’s even less violent than Berserk !! (everyone has already forgotten the scene of the girlfriend and several girls being raped by demons throughout the anime)

    Bunch of snow flakes SJW, when they make protest in the streets beating and threatening people is OK! (This is not violence is peaceful protest)

    • Then what will the Anti-SJW snowflakes do? They wont be able to find any income. Hell, they are kind of starting to eat themselves alive now since they now have to point fingers at each other so none of them become SJWs.

      • Actually it’s the leftists/marxist like you who are the biggest mooches and parasites all over the world.
        The modern leftard is a subhuman who can’t fend for himself so they vote in whoever expands government who leeches off the backs of hardworking people and businesses.

      • And who are these SJWs? Someone gave an opinion and now they are an SJW? I don’t see them claiming it. And the ones I have generally are out there fighting fundamentalism and general stupidity from the alt-right nazis. People claiming these opinions are SJWing are the most snowflakey shit I have ever seen. People are allowed opinions, are you wanting to stop that? Then engage them with sympathy and compassion and you might get them to sit down and watch after the scene you are crying about.

        • Well tbh SJW really stands for Social justice white person who usually look to pick fights for communities they have no stake in. This usually just results in them spreading more hate and creating more enemies for the communities they fight for. Of course, this doesn’t affect them in any way but boost their own ego and feeling of accomplishment. For the record most of these comments in this thread is just fed up with people who care more about being PC, so if the scene really was too graphic the PC culture has cried wolf too many times for people to care. Personally I am tired of middle class white people, the hypocrisy of that statement is I am as white as snow.
          P.S. I wish SJW stood for Skeleton Jazz Wizard because that’s cool

          • Edit to the skeleton jazz wizard comment. I am certainly not a fan of the scene but that’s because I am weak hearted and hate rape scenes in general. The rape scene in general was something that was pretty tame compared to a few other rape scenes that come to mind namely the one from Show Girls. That aside the violence to women argument is weak and flimsy. Men getting brutally murdered that’s fine a walk in the park in fact, but a woman everyone call their local congressman and complain. The hypocrisy of this feminist movement is so thick that it makes clam chowder think it’s thin. Seriously if you can’t handle equality shut up and stand next to the male chauvinist pig for sexist. Though in order to make this fair that guy in the scene needed to be butt fucked as well.
            P.S. Seriously a saxophone playing necromancer how awesome is that

    • It truly is giving attention to the “enemy” these Anti-SJWs are eating themselves alive on youtube because there is no real problem outside of someone having an opinion. Any time they go after an actual SJW(Someone who actually claims to be one) generally gets destroyed, and if not it is interesting to watch an SJW actually change their arguments or even change their opinions. But hey, these anti-sjw shits never really define SJWs and throw it out on anyone whose opinion counters their’s. Fun shits.

  • They do realize that it’s GOBLINS ie. non-humans raping HUMAN FEMALES………………………..It’s not WHYTE HUMAN MALES raping HUMAN FEMALES. I know our society loves to demonize males but the males doing the raping aren’t even human ffs.

  • reape culture: The way to say “rape its ok”

    A anime where use the rape to show how horrifying are the goblins as species and why even the goblin kid must be killed, so “rape is something that only a monster like a goblin do”.

    Ok is rape culture anyway because potato….


  • I’ve written before that pointless violence can, will and has become dull when done poorly but advocating? In the context of the series, it’s used to portray the justification of why the protagonist would have vehement hate later on. It shows what their ‘blight’ on humanity is and if they don’t get killed, this is the end result. It doesn’t advocate anything, it characterizes a monster that would be the main enemy of the hero. You know, the one he kills a lot?

    These people are disgusting to me. In their bid to gain attention, they’d water down and muddy the call of the genuine victim as more and more people would either dismiss them outright or be really skeptical about their claim because they get lumped with these attention whores on the internet. They’re inhuman if they have knowledge of what they’re doing and choosing to ignore it.

    • Have you ever thought that it was maybe poor setup? Just right at the begining: BOOM RAPE GOTCHYA. There is little context before the particularly offensive scene. So why whouldn’t they be annoyed?

      “W-Well if you had stayed around!”

      Its too fucking late you little bitch. Yes, there will still be folks bitching about it afterwards, but it will be more along the lines of the graphic nature. So your “SJW” style crying without actually considering the other contexts isn’t helping you fucking idiot. I have no qualms with people liking this show, but don’t be the fucking idiots you supposedly hate.

      • Alright then, what kind of setup would you put it up with? Let’s entertain your reply even though it’s not relevant to what I posted.

        The discussion is about how the series is advocating for rape when the MC is out to kill these rape creatures. I’m not washing my hands about my position of the use of graphic images in any series. Pointless graphic images that gets repeated without purpose dulls the series and its own use. What I’m contending is that this does not advocate rape as, again, the character we root for, is killing rapists.
        These are monsters that we shouldn’t put any moral investments in and that is what the series goes for. Granted it could be better, but it did convey why the MC wants their extinction. That’s how it’s used to set the enemy up, nothing else, nothing more.

        Curious, how did you interpret what I wrote? Just curious. Was there something I missed? Do point it out otherwise you’d be talking to a mirror.

  • Who even forces them to watch it. Why dont they complain about bestiality porn? that men find even animals better than women. or women who need an animal to satisfy them. Its a show for a very specific audience. not for everyone, that clear. I dont like rape so i wont watch it but that doesnt mean ill complain to the internet about it. As if any of you give a fuck about me. The ones who loves Berserk will also love this.This even counts as free advertising for the series because people will watch to see just how bad it is.

  • watch anime about dark fantasy and only thing they focus on is one rape scene…

    Who is the fking one that obsessing about rape?

    No talk about how he save the girl. No talk about character design. Only thing they can think is fking “rape scene” obsessing much. Are you a Goblin?

  • I bet this so called sjw is just mad on internet, in reality they probably watch this series too while fapping.

    Just like in anime where the church is holy and full of good people but at the night, the basement is nothing but demon cult and woman sacrifice.


  • While I don’t think I’ll watch Goblin Slayer, it’s about slaying Goblins because they’re bad creatures who kill and rape, among other things. To say it promotes rape is kind of disingenuous. It’s about fighting rape.

  • Those hating on the Rape scene are obviously retards. Stupid SJW. It said in the Anime. ”Goblins attack villages and steal young woman and our wives.” There are no female goblins. They need women increase their numbers. There are many Anime which has Rape in it, since 1970s. And I am pretty sure Berserk is well known for its brutality and it also has rape in them. No one ever voiced back then. Why now? Because you Millennial and Gen X grown to be soy manchild and pussies? Sad generation. Gets offended by anything and everything. Every little thing. Grow a fucking pair.

  • If you’re going to complain about depictions of rape violence against female characters then be consistent and complain about all depictions of violence against all characters. Otherwise you’re just a faux outraged, cherry picking asshole. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the scenes because they did fell somewhat gratuitous and done for shock value. But the show deserves a chance to prove it’s worth.

    I still don’t understand why rape is the one form of violence that writers are not allowed to tell stories about.

  • Advocating rape culture? What kind of stupid thinking is that? The rape is done by the Goblins and so if someone got influenced by it and done a rape, doesn’t it make you equal to a Goblin? So, here’s the big question, what kind of person who would like to be considered equal with a goblin?
    Also, noobs and anime fan wannabe out there, here’s a spoiler alert. If you think the rape is purposely just to add shock and fan service, wait till you meet the Sword Maiden and learn a little of her.

  • So in other words…idiots who didn’t bother spending 15 seconds on google to figure out what the show is wound up whining about their laziness on twitter after having watched the first episode?

    Remind me again why I’m supposed to care about people who place value on Tweets?

  • This doesn’t seem like a real article, you just gave three lines of text followed by tweets that are against GS and then more tweets that are for GS.

    This is why we require quality control

  • You can even watch rape scene on television and movie.. and the fact no one complain about it.
    Maybe some people enlighten about nature of the goblins.
    I believe it those are ogre like shriek they wont complain about it..
    Currently waiting crossover of GS and Overlord

    GS vs Enri Emmot(Goblin General)

    • What? Fuck western and their offended shit, in asia nobody complain about GS or anything like that, we just happy people in japan still make anime.

      Look at western nowadays, people offended by small things, they mad over something small such as GROPING SOMEONE ASS in VC4 where in many western games you could literally shoot people, bribe things, call hooker, kill police, control a child to murder people, etc etc. They even mad when woman wear something sexy where they watch porn almost everyday.

      In the future they gonna be mad when videogames is not set in america or something

    • No, fuck no ! i love it how they don’t give a fuck about anyone else ! This is a work of fiction, you can write and animate about whatever your mind can imagine without restraints. That’s simple basic rule for a creative writer.

  • Sure are a lot of faggots around these days. Twitter was a mistake.

    I like how they all think that one rape scene is worse than you know, the bunch of children being slaughtered at the end of the first episode.

    • A lot of them didn’t make it to the end, that’s why. I just like how R*iftshit has to go to Twitter to get the raw emotional folks to get a “story.” Jesus fucking christ mah animes I never read till it upset someone!

      Besides, this should be fine if its upsetting. That’s what art is suppose to do: provoke. Get over people suddenly fired up after the initial viewing.

      • Yeah, though for some of us its always fun to come to these articles and bitch about how snowflake-y Sancom is. Especially R*ft who couldn’t write an article without the help of Google Translate, Reddit, or the Chans.

        Though it is getting a little tiresome trying to point out how Snowflake-y everyone here is as I have to fucking practically copy and paste each response because none of these snowflakes here can really come up with a good rebuttal to anything worth while; not that they can since someone is just saying their opinion so Ri*ft can get his little snap shots to complain about shit like a little pussy snowflake he is.

        • Oh thank the Lord you’re here to save us with your haughty and frivolous comments. What-ever- would we do without them?!
          I mean, you’re a savior! Going to every other post and telling people just how wrong and triggered they are!
          But, no, you’re not triggered at all. It takes the most sane of men to point out other people’s flaws, yes all of them, and correct their thinking!
          Instead of, you know, moving the fuck along, you graciously bathe us in your divine intelligence!
          My d00d, you’re not gonna change anyone’s opinion, you come off as a snide asshole, and you must certainly have a lot of free time on your hands.
          Sarcasm is the greatest weapon of all and salt is the greatest food. These things I get from this trash site, if anything else.

  • they speak the truth. it’s just as shitty and full of edgy shock-value violence and rape as berserk. don’t know why people praise either, they’re all degenerate. both series are without substance, if you like either you’re a fucking creep and a loser who should take a walk into traffic.

  • Not at all my type of thing…but it’s an anime. It’s not real.

    These people have a genuine fuckin’ problem distinguishing between reality and fiction- it’s concerning. You’re supposed to learn that distinction as a child. You know. To be a mentally healthy individual human being.

    • Well, I’m not really surprise. One of the SJW even claimed that she got raped in GTAV Online and they did so many dumb shits along the way until now, stupid things that beyond any normal human could every did. SJW just a group of retarded people that have too much power.

      • There is no group. Its a bunch of people with raw emotions that haven’t sat down to actually think about the shit they are saying. Sit down with some sympathy and they’ll back track it. Now stop being an SJW yourself and actually learn to view shit objectively.

    • Yes, and definitely not the previous generation that put in rules to arrest Nazi salutes, and taught this generation the earth is flat. Downfall comes from the teachings of the generation before it.

    • People seems to be dumber each generation especially when there’s too peaceful and when they have too free time to complain about every little thing that not affect their lives. Like you said this generation surely is special.

    • I doubt it, its just a bunch of people that reacted quickly and tweeted about it. Just sit down and talk to them and they’ll probably retract what they say if you show some sympathy. But R*ft is too much of a snowflake to actually understand how much of a dumpsterfire twitter is, but its easy “stories” for him to post with no work.

  • WHAT RAPE CULTURE? THE ONE SJWS ARE TRYING TO USHER IN BY IMPORTING RAPE CULTURE FROM 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES SO THEY CAN BITCH ABOUT RAPE CULTURE? If this was a fucked up high school drama where the rapists just went to jail instead of being fucking eviscerated by a hero in armor they would be all for it BTW because that trash exists in droves.

  • Quit giving these idiots publicity. What’s next: banning Oedipus for promoting incest culture? If you have the mind of a child that can’t tolerate all the flavors of life, the least you can do is stfu and go back to your disney trash.

      • I can clearly see how he cherry picked people getting upset over a scene. Big deal? Most of them are fairly neutral and aren’t really accusing it of promoting rape culture.

        “oh, something new and edgier than last scenes.”
        “Oh, I don’t know about this show. Its a bit much.”

        That’s what most of it fucking is. Present the really eye-rolly posts first and you can look at the rest of them with the bias they are just as bad. Fuck off with this “Neutral” shit. He just wants to provoke views for Adverts. Get a blocker and move so he can’t claim his money.

  • they so focused on the women getting rapped what about the young boy that got chopped up into pieces? These people only see what they want to see. sad. but I wonder why none of these fools say anything about Hollywood when they have movies just as bad or worse.

  • The snowflakes got their wittle weeling hurt.

    Nearly every anime, manga or even games that feature Goblins, hint at their behavior, that they are a male only specie and have to rely on captured females of other species to reproduce… Goblin Slayer is just a rare example of the few that actually show it happening.

  • Ah the same bunch of jewish feminists who would then turn around and DEFEND the ACTUALLY revolting and despicable game of thrones as “high art” because it is written by white people!

  • You know a fake news site has a huge bias when they consider this a big deal but never ONCE call out Trump, conservatives or any of that for the real shit they do.

    Go fuck yourselves, Sankaku Complex.

  • Not surprise that all of this snowflakes are bitching

    It shows the villains doing despicable things … what is wrong with it?
    I could understand the uproar if the protagonist was the one doing all the raping, and the show supports this as a good thing, but that is not the case… that is reserved for hentai only.

    It shows why the goblins need to be erased, they are a menace to humankind, they are violent and intelligent enough to be a bigger danger than other monsters.

  • Well SJW’s logic:
    Goblin groups kidnap girls to rape and hold in as slaves IN FANTASY ANIME – OMG that’s horrible! And some people speak, that not all goblins are bad, outrageous!!!
    Muslim grooming gangs kidnap girls to rape and hold in as slaves IN REAL LIFE – hashtag not all muslims, you biggots, racists, islamophobes reeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Pathetic, just pathethic. Well anyone who read the LN/manga knew thas was going to happen, Sjw are just way to predictable … I’m sure most of them didn’t even watch it end will only remember this serie for this single scene. Meanwhile they praise this saison yaoi that also have pretty much a rape scene … just pathetic and hypocritical.

  • It’s not my kind of show, not a fan of watching gore and rape but seriously rape necessarily involves sexualish content, so calling it a rape fantasy show is just ignoring all context and motives. Damn sjws

  • SJW can go fuck themselves on that one. The rapl-goblins are clearly depicted as being evil. So, them whines should see it as an anti-rape message. “Don’t rape or get slain”. Even them SJW don’t go that far, what are they complaining about?
    Oh wait. SJW *DO* fuck temselves. Because they can’t get laid otherwise right?

  • I just want to start off by saying that I love reading the manga. I hated the first first episode because I thought it was a rather poor representation of the first chapter. Decided at that point that I was not going to continue watching. But now, I love it for an entirely different reason. It has managed to piss off these overly sensitive, has nothing better to do but to go out of their way to find something in nerd culture to offend them, sjw cunts. I’m pretty sure they do not know of the manga. If that is the case, I hope this serves as gateway for them to do a little digging and really find a way to have their mind raped.

  • I take it that none of the people have read berserk or battle royale. Cause if that was the case why didn’t they also talk about those titles, oh wait it’s because they are picky and choosy flavor of the week types.

  • “What part of ‘late night’ anime does this idiot not get?”

    “If any children are watching TV at that time, the problem is with the parents.”

    “It’s called ‘late night’ for a reason.”

  • “They used to show actual AVs late at night. People have gotten way too puritanical.”

    “It used to be they would show nipples and whatever else freely at golden time without a second thought. Now all these women going on about it being inappropriate or a bad influence on their kids have driven all that off the air. Basically, now all you can safely broadcast is stuff for women.”

    “Another leftover hag looking to put the pressure on 2D with some bashing.”

  • Goblin Slayer is the most SJW anime there is! A violent, obsessive loser acting out his white knight fantasies by killing people of a particular race, who just so happen to be all male and all rapists? That is neither based nor redpilled!

  • I will say it other way. I’ve read whole manga. Whole goblins are symbols of alpha nad beta males who do sex with womans, are offensive and rape them! Goblin slayer in an omega otaku who just hate alpha goblin bosses and beta goblins and simply kill them. Rape scenes are symbols of 3D bestiality made on woman by SJWs and other liers who tries to play defenders of womans. If womans says, that males destroys their freedom, rape them – do they mean us house masturbators who do not even speak with them? They mean alphas who rapes them and betas who cheats them! This is the supreeme truth! We hold our desires and concentrates them on anime girls – so we are NOT DOING ANYTHING BAD to girls in real world. SJWs want to scream over the truth, that they produced feminazis, and because of their sexual activity, they are scared and try to move feminazis anger to omega otakus, which do not do NOTHING to girls. This is the same retardness level as flatearthers who says that everyone who say Earth is a ball is decived gullible unenlightened person. The truth is that sjws are envy we can have joy of watching rape in m&a and they can’t do it in reality. They are goblins.

  • Fuck! Why they have to kill off the black mage, warrior and the monk? Then they when to raping the shit out of the 2 girls wounded. THAT’s FUCKED UP MAN!!! Paladin, came in late to fuckin murder every goblins he/she, and even the goblin childrens… ………………………………………. B-R U-T-A-L, c-c-c combo breaker! >.<

  • So people like and forget about Berserk having a rape scene and instead bash on Goblin Slayer for having one? I swear 2018 SJW culture just needs to stop, it’s a fucking anime for crying out loud. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and don’t talk about it.

    • A big difference is berserk having a good plot and tons of characters. Not to mention amazing illustrations.

      GS the manga is the same thing over and over for 25 chapters. (Lets go in x cave and kill fuckers) Hinting a a bigger plot but never getting to it. GS is for shock value plebs.

  • Kinda find it funny that an anime that displays the medieval area is “Advocating Rape Culture”. People do not look at the problems that are in this time era like the middle east where you get punished for being raped. Mostly the people that cry are the same that look away in the problems in other places on earth they are just virtual signaling that they are against it.

  • This made me laugh so hard, they only focused on that rape scene and not everything else. FFS ofcourse the goblins would do that, that would add more reasons why the GOBLIN SLAYER exists. Also the goblins needed to do that since they need to multiply to attack more people not for pleasure lmao.

  • Delicious memes. Gotta love that #NotAllGoblins and feels good.
    Also if this show promoted anything it’d be promoting racism as the super human aryan white uberman in medival white man armor goes around killing subhuman rapists, while literally subhuman, can be a metaphor for minorities considered to be rapists. Also the village women look like the usual anime highschool girls. Animes have shown that they know how to draw women who are older such as in their 30s or 40s, and even 20s. It’s basically the story of sand niggers and jews and how the white man slays them and their children.

  • I’m completely going to avoid watching episode one. Because I already read the novel and the manga adaptation so I know just how nasty it is and it really makes me uncomfortable. However, totally watching episode two and onwards.

    I honestly don’t get all these anger about the rape scene. It’s SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable and showing something does not mean endorsing it. How else should it be shown? Ponies with rainbow dicks fucking to the music of castrated Christian choir bois?

    Funny thing is that all these people then completely ignored how the MC brutally murdered the rest of the goblin kids (though, I agree with the MC). Apparently such violence gets glossed over yet anything sexually related gets shown and somehow it becomes “objectification,” “endorsing rape,” takes “power” from women, and other stupid arguments.

  • I dont understand the Shigeki no Kyouji a ugly disgusting Guro fanservice where naked giants eats peapoles and everybody love it and very big his popularity on USA or EU i almost puke myslef when watching but everybody still loves the AOT and then come a Goblin Slayer anime it is true that it is in it rape and mascare but the anime really carefully with the censor no niples no genitals no internal organs and no more boold it like any other animes but everybody hate this anime beacuse too brutal? Alright but then please banned the Shingeki no Kyouji too ok? 😀

  • I just got done seeing this and OMG, you would think the way people are going on and on and on about it that this was one of the most hardcore Monster Hentais you have even seen or heard of! It was so tame that it wasn’t even funny!

    If anything this shows you what should be the REAL deal of being an adventure in a fantasy world or an MMO! Don’t go in half cocked as a bunch of low levels with zero idea and gear cause I promise you the mobs are fully cocked!

    • From what I hear you guys just have what we have too: Company Sanctioned SJWism. At least ours can hide it really well; I think, not sure how I like it.

      Also, hi russian bot! Nice to meet you!

  • Lmao i knew this was gonna happen but thankfully the other comments making fun of the people that got triggered are there lol

    again if you don’t like what you see then dont watch/play it and move on if only these idiots would understand that but instead its like they have to try to force their sensitivity on everyone else and also LoL for people trying to say oh don’t watch it… again people need to stop with the trying to tell people what they should or shouldn’t watch/play ect

  • Wouldnt surprise me if these are the same type of people that were outraged when the Casca rape hapened in the Berserk anime or the movie. Forgeting that its a GRIM AND DARK WORLD. Not a world that is nice and cheerfull. That rape doesnt hapen. That murder doesnt hapen. Reality isnt all sunshine and rainbows like people want to believe… Its why people enjoy Berserk and in this case Goblin Slayer. Cus the world is made to LOOK like a regular normal world.. But these worlds.. What they dont specify… is that the smallest and “weakest” enemy can also be the most dangerous. Like the Goblins in this case. Also. They arent going to be just walking around, doing nothing… They are monster, they are evil. They will stab you in the back when you arent looking. They will rape you if they can. Or stab you whille they rape you. They are EVIL. And if people cant seem to understand what it means to be EVIL… Then they shouldnt be reading stuff that has EVIL in it. Cus not every evil creature is gona be the “Good” kinda evil. Some will just be pure evil that they will do whatever they want. Rape. Mutilate. Use you as a shield. As breeding stock… i think its called. Cus monsters dont come from nowhere.. They have to come from a female”… But who the female ends up being.. Is up to the imagination.. Could be a female Goblin… or in this case.. The Poor Female Adventurers that just so hapen to be uprepared. I mean this is the same thing as the villagers that were kidnaped by those… Trolls? Those hairy things, big nose and a club as wepon. In Berserk. Raped, over and over. Made to pump out more of them. And that is part of reality as well. But lucky enough. Those kinds of things only hapen in the still barbaric parts of the world. Not the civilised world.

    • They did do a great job, but at the same time they could be losing potential sales too. The settup didn’t have them hooked enough to get them to stick around or empathize/sympathize with the MC.

      They’ll probably get a few sales they wouldn’t with the outcry, but they could have made so much more. Too late for that I guess.

    • Yeah, but GoT sets it up right, so that you are invested, and then shows the rape. If someone isn’t invested then why should they stick around?

      >”W-Well if they had to watch the rest of the episode!”

      Nope, you’ve already failed. If people see something they don’t like then they’ve already walked away. If they liked the show before that, then they’ll see why the scene happened, and only a few would complain; and most of that would be about the graphic nature.

  • Complain about something they hate on a public forum
    Draw massive attention to it
    Goblin Slayer BD and merch sells metric tonnes

    Also, just because a piece of media has stuff that is controversial doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist. What kind of crap-saccharine world do these people want?

  • “GS promote rape culture”?? Really???? ……..
    The goblins (ie the one doing the rape stuff) are monsters and they get slaughtered throughout the episode (ie punished for their actions) and some morons think this is a show that promote rape???
    *SIGH* SJW at their “finest” they see a few pictures or watch a few seconds of something and they convince themselves that this promote rape while ignoring everything that proves it is not…
    Each time those people open their mouth to spout more of their over inflated nonsense I lose a bit more hope in the future of humankind… Maybe we should let global warming do it’s magic and make the human race go extinct because if society is getting any more SJW than now I think it would be a crime against the rest of the universe if this SJW shit was to spread any further….

  • Sometimes I wonder how much of this is just propaganda sponsored by whoever hold the rights of the anime outside of Japan. If we can take the episode 1 as a standard, the anime will be tame in comparison with the source material anyway.

  • It’s certainly sexualizing rape, but affirming rape culture? Uh… maybe if the girls started screaming “More! Harder!” after a little while, and Goblin Slayer showed up with a 6-pack of beer and said, “Mind if I join in on the fun, boys?” or said “That girl deserve it ’cause she was a bitch!”

    As it stands, the the rape scenes are mostly designed to have shock value with how terrible the girls’ fates are (along with fapping value).

      • Meh, just the extremists and fundamentalists. But the same could be said of ALL such “people” within all nations who drag the average intelligence of the human species closer and closer to the toilet.
        Hell, I’ve been a moderate democrat all my life, but these last few years man… my ideological stance has REALLY shifted right.

        • Your entire post is negated by your defense of rape for titillation and a culture that is obsessed with pubescent and prepubescent girls. Humanity isn’t being dragged down by people disappointed in pedophiles and men who masturbate to a woman’s suffering. Humanity is dragged down by the existence of pedophiles and men who masturbate to human suffering. You people are a disease.

    • At least in the anime they don’t give you the backstory of the three just before they got gobbed. It’s like they’re just throwable characters you’ll never see again, and it was.

      Read the manga, and experience true backlash. Not only they gave those three backstories, they even emphasized the ‘hopes and dream’ part, making it more tragic to see them gobbed.

  • Don’t listen to nazis, whether feminazi or those that worship the orange turd in America. Nazis are a bunch of loser radicalists.

    Goblin slayer is literally about killing the race of rapists. More surprised incels aren’t screeching about this instead.