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Ubisoft: “Games Are Not For Entertainment”

An interview with Ubisoft’s chief creative officer has revealed that he believes the gaming industry currently has “no soul” and that gaming is “not about entertainment” but “learning”, perhaps not so subtly implying the doubling down is about to continue.

The recent interview has Ubisoft’s chief creative officer Serge Hascoet claiming that the game industry – despite all its advancements and achievements over the years – needs to “find its soul”, which he thinks can only be achieved if the game teaches the player something that they can apply to their real life (or not to include in it, if their speech bans are any indication):

“You know what is missing in this industry? A soul. Video games are about gaming, and gaming is not about entertainment, it’s about learning. When you learn, you have fun. But when we are just entertainment we are losing something. I question the team about what real benefits the player will take away from the game for their real life. Right now, we don’t do enough in this area. This is what excites me, how to make something that lets you have the most fun while also having something beneficial for your life.”

Knowing the kind of people latter day games development attracts, just what they consider beneficial for gamers to be made to believe can probably be imagined.

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